Albera Cattle

The Albera cows are a breed of beef cattle. They’re employed for meat production. They are utilized in vegetation management.

The Albera cows are a breed of beef cows that are raised for meat production. It’s an endangered breed of cows native to the Albera Massif, which divides Catalonia out of France and is located partially in the comarca of Alt Empordà from the Catalan province of Girona, and partially in the comarca of Vallespir from the French département of Pyrénées-Orientales.

Albera Cattle Characteristics

Albera cows are sized creatures that are smaller. They are of variable color, and their color could be many. Both cows and bulls have horns. Along with also their horns are of and are smaller in size.

The typical body elevation of this Albera bulls is approximately 126 cm and approximately 121 cm for those cows. The average bodyweight of the cows is approximately 275 kg. Along with the bulls on weight around 350 kg.

The Albera cows are animals that are powerful and extremely hardy. They are well adapted to terrain and the steep of this Albera Massif. They therefore are vulnerable to heat and are resistant to cold. They’re excellent foragers and are stored in states yearlong that is semi-feral. They forage for food such as mast and the limbs of this massif’s trees. They are effective, the cows create milk and calve. They have contact. Their meat production is also low.

Three sub-types of this strain were distinguished at that moment. And these are a dark-coated kind, a factor paler type along with a third kind deriving from cross-breeding using Braunvieh cattle stock.

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The kinds are regarded as two more which would be the Fagina or the paler kind as well as kind or the Negra. The Fagina kind was shown to be closer to this Bruna de Los Pirineos strain compared to Albera Negra kind in 1999. The Albera cows are prone to heat and resistant to cold and are extremely hardy. And they’re well adapted to this massif’s terrain.

It as a breed of cows that are small. A strain of cattle’s existence was noted from the Albera Massif from the nineteenth century, along with the description of this Albera cows goes from 1957.

A breeders association for the breed was set in 2008 called the Associació p Ramaders de la Vaca p l’Albera. On 27 recognition was obtained by the strain.

Along with there has been also a breed standard accepted along with a herdbook established at precisely the exact same time. The total population of this strain was listed since 763 by the end of 2014, of 145 were bulls and 618 were cattle. Read more details about the strain.

Albera Cattle Breed Information

Breed NameAlbera
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeMainly meat, also vegetation management
Special NotesWell adapted to native climates, pretty good for meat production, very hardy, strong, highly resistant to cold, susceptible to heat, well adapted to the steep terrain of the Albera Massif, cows calve every two years
Breed SizeSmall
Around 350 kg
CowsAround 275 kg
Climate ToleranceNative climates
Coat ColorVariable
Milk YieldLow
Country/Place of OriginSpain, France