American Yorkshire

The Yorkshire pig is a strain of pig. As its name implies, it’s from the USA and it’s the American model of Big White pig. And it’s by far the most pig strain in the USA.

The Yorkshire pig strain was created in Yorkshire, England at 1761. The Yorkshire breed was imported to the United States.

American Yorkshire Characteristics

The Yorkshire pig is a massive creature. It has ears and is white in color. The modern creatures are muscle with a high percentage of meat.

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The older sows on the average weight of approximately 204-295 kg. And the typical bodyweight of these boars ranges from 250 to 340 kg.

The Yorkshire pig is a powerful and demanding breed that may withstand deviations. The sows are great moms and their normal litter size is roughly 13 piglets per sow.

With fantastic diligence, such as sow growth expansion, and creation, representing the supply of livestock operation records on earth Yorkshire data are preserved. The strain was developed as a breed. However, in addition, it can perform in concentrated or limited ailments.

It didn’t become popular until the late 1940s due to its slow growth rate, although it was imported to Ohio.

Throughout this moment, for its carcasses of this Yorkshires, many Yorkshires were imported from Canada and England. And the American Yorkshire pig strain enhanced through choice.

The American Yorkshire pigs are present in every country. This breed’s population is located in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, and Nebraska.

American Yorkshire Pig Breed Information

Breed NameAmerican Yorkshire
Other NameNone
Special NotesActive, rough and strong, can adapt themselves in a wide variety of climatic conditions, sows are good mothers, average litter size is about 13 piglets per sow, very good for extensive pig farming system, also do well in confined or concentrated conditions
Breed SizeLarge
250-340 kg
Sows204-295 kg
Climate ToleranceAll climates
Country/Place of OriginUnited States
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