Anatolian Black Cattle

The Anatolian Black cows are a function critters. They’re great for both meat and milk production. And they’re also great for using as a draught animal.

The strain originated in Anatolia which is Turkey. It’s by far the breed of cows in Turkey and is used for meat and milk production. And it is employed as a draught animal on farms. The strain is increased in Turkey.

The Anatolian Black cows are a function breed of cattle that are great for meat, milk and draught work. It’s also Called Native Black, Anatolian Native, and Turkish: Yerli Kara.

The Anatolian Black cows are the smallest of the indigenous cow’s breeds of Turkey. And they’re closely associated with South Anatolian Red cattle breeds and the East Anatolian Red of Turkey.

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Collectively the Anatolian Black, East Anatolian Red and South Anatolian Red cattle strains are jointly Known as “Anatolian Native” cows. And these strains are distinguished on regional and morphological reasons, instead of genetically.

A number of those Anatolian cows breed has diminished. And they’re considered in the probability of extinction. Their numbers decreased because of crossbreeding for enhancing returns and productivity.

The research was conducted so as to conserve the strain along with indigenous strains into how to boost their productivity. The aim of this study is to generate creatures for their farmers. In the Central Livestock Research Institute at Lalahan, there’s a conservation herd is situated. Read more details about the strain.

Anatolian Black Cattle

Anatolian Black cows are sized creatures with bones and a trunk. Their confirmation will change and people can display beef or a milk construct.

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Their coat color is raven black and skin is rough and thick. The hair above their entire body is a bit wavy on the throat, and hair around their ears’ surface is thick. Both cows and bulls normally have horns. They have ribs that provide a chest thickness to them. They have dewlap and their throat is of average duration.

They’re of their body is narrower and reduced than the end. Their shoulders are long, narrow and slant and the rump is tight and sharp. They have short legs with hooves that are powerful, and the trunk is right.

Head of the Anatolian Black cows is sparse also owns eyes that are profound. The cows and the bulls have heads and heads using a convex profile, respectively. Elevation of these cows is cm in the shoulder and the bulls are larger compared to cows. The average bodyweight of the bulls range from 300 to 400 kg. Along with the cows on burden between 300 and 200 kg.

The Anatolian Black cows are animals that are powerful and extremely hardy. They could endure conditions and they need maintenance and diet. Since they’re quite hardy and powerful creatures, so they’re exceptionally resistant to parasites and ailments.

They are given a top priority for conservation by these features. The normal age for those heifers is approximately 24-28 months. Male calves birth weight is approximately 17-19 kg to the calve, and approximately 18-20 kg. The cows are mothers.

Till they could view their calf, and they do not let down her milk. The cows are milk producers in comparison with their body dimensions that are smaller. The cows on average could create around 1000-1100 kg of milk per lactation. Their milk is of fairly good quality comprising approximately 4.5 percent of the content.

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The Anatolian Black cows are also great for meat production. They’re among the resources of beef in Turkey. Their weight reduction in feedlots is about 700-900 g and they are able to be fattened. The strain is also great for work functions.

Anatolian Black Cattle Breed Information

Breed NameAnatolian Black
Other NameNative Black Cattle, Anatolian Native and Turkish: Yerli Kara
Breed PurposeMilk, meat, draught
Special NotesWell adapted to native climates, very good for meat production, grow relatively slower, cows are excellent mothers, very hardy, strong, able to adapt to adverse weather conditions, good for draught purpose
Breed SizeSmall
300-400 kg
Cows200-300 kg
Climate ToleranceNative climates
Coat ColorRaven black
Milk YieldAverage
Country/Place of OriginTurkey