Arapawa Pig

The Arapawa pig or Arapawa Island Pig is a feral breed of national pig from New Zealand. It’s actually located at the Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand.

The Arapawa pig is a breed that is really attentive and lively. It typically doesn’t have an aggressive character and is of behavior.

Arapawa Pig Characteristics

The Arapawa pig is a small breed. It has a mane and has reverted to a sort that’s rather hairy. It’s bigger and has tails and noses when compared with Auckland Island pig which is another feral breed of pig caged from a number of productions of insular isolation.

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However, Arapawa beans are smaller with a growth rate that is lesser. They are tan or sandy. But they have spots that are black. They’ve snouts and faces with pricked and little ears.

Their shoulders are broad and also the boars have a shield that is heavy, and their skin is difficult and thick.

The average height of this older Arapawa sows ranges from 80-100 kg. Along with the boars on weight approximately 120 to 180 kg.

Some individuals suggest that these creatures are descendants of those pigs introduced into the Island by James Cook in 1777 and 1773. The creatures apparently derive from Oxford Sandy and Black inventory brought into the island from whalers of their Te Awaiti whaling station (established in 1827 by John Guard).

The Arapawa pigs are known to have occupied the island. Four piglets have been removed from the island in 1998, and have bred. New Zealand Post issued a series of stamps in 2007 about notable pig strains of New Zealand to commemorate the Chinese Year of the Pig. Along with also the Arapawa pig was showcased at the 1.35 stamp.

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Presently the strain is recorded as one of the minorities and rare breeds of livestock from the RBCS (Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand), using a priority conservation score.

Arapawa Pig Breed Information

Breed NameArapawa
Other NameArapawa Island
Special NotesActive, very alert, good behavior, not have an aggressive temperament, pretty rare
Breed SizeSmall
120-180 kg
Sows80-100 kg
Climate ToleranceNative climates
ColorMainly sandy or tan, often with black patches
Country/Place of OriginNew Zealand