Argentata dell’Etna Goat Characteristics

The Argentata dell’ Etna goat is a breed of domestic goat out of Italy raised mainly for milk production, and for meat.

It’s a native breed in Italy, at the southern island of Sicily, in the Region of Mount Etna from the state of Catania and the Monti Peloritani from the state of Messina.

Argentata dell’ Etna goat maintained in this region and can be obtained. But the increase in the states of Palermo and Enna. The breed is named after the silvery grey jacket of it and also for the volcano.

Argentata dell’Etna Characteristics

Argentata dell’Etna goat is a moderate-sized goat. It’s a jacket, from light to reflexes. Hair of this Argentata dell’ Etna goats is of and tough medium-long.

They have a face that is colored along with their skin color is gray. Both does and bucks are citrus. The two bucks and does, and the strain is horned have horns.

As a moderate-sized goat strain height of this Argentata dell’Etna bucks is 67 cm to the does, and all about 75 cm.

The does on weigh approximately 38 kg and bucks weigh about 50 kg.

Argentata dell’Etna Advantages

Argentata dell’Etna goat is really a dual-purpose creature. It’s increased for beef and meat production. Nonetheless, it’s mostly maintained as a milk goat breed in the native location of it.

Like many other dairy goat strains, the Argentata dell’Etna goats are of very great behavior and also have comparatively tranquil nature. Exactly the are good milk producers.

At 150 times for primiparous, the does create about 120 gallons of milk Normally, 180 g in 210 times for nannies 300 liters may be reached by the milk production and 160 g for secondiparous in 210 times.

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Milk of those Argentata dell’Etna goat comprises approximately 4.5 percentage of fat along with 3.6 percentage of protein.

This goat is great for meat production and superior because of a mutton goat strain.


Precise roots of this breed are still unknown. However, the Argentata dell’Etna goat reveals the Garganica goat strain similarities.

And also to some Italian gray breeds like the Cilentana Grigia of Campania and the Ciociara Grigia of Lazio. Even the Argentata dell’Etna goat is just one of restricted distribution’s goat strains where there is a herdbook retained.

The herdbook is maintained from the Associazione Nazionale Della Pastoriziathe Italian institution of sheep- and – goat-breeders.

The herdbook was created in the entire year of 2002. Registered inhabitants of this Argentata dell’Etna goat have been reported at the end of 2013 as 2304 as 1885, and the population isn’t greater than 7000.

Argentata dell’Etna Goat Breed Information

Breed NameArgentata dell’Etna
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeMilk & Meat
Breed SizeMedium
About 50 kg
DoeAbout 38 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorGrey (from light to dark, with silvery reflexes)
Good for Stall FedNot Sure
Country/Place of OriginItaly