Armenian Gampr Dog: Characteristics, Origin, Temperament, Lifespan

The Armenian Gampr dog is a very old livestock guardian dog. It is also known by some other names such as Gampr and Armenian Wolfhound Gampr. And the breed’s common nickname is Gampr. It is a very big breed of dog.

The breed was originated from Armenia, and it is native to the Armenian Highlands. The breed was not subjected to selective breeding in the way that many dog breeds were. It’s genetic variation has been preserved and the breed has changed little over the course of it’s history.

The genetic variation was spontaneously promoted by periodic mating with wolves indigenous to the breed’s region (this is where they get their independence and strong instincts of self-preservation).

As we have mentioned previously, the Armenian Gampr dog is an ancient breed whose origins can be traced back at least 7,000 years, but as many as 15,000 years.

The Armenian Gampr dog breed has been depicted in ancient petroglyphs in the Syuniq and Geghama Mountains of Armenia and it’s development over time until about 1,000 BC. This breed is closely related to other livestock guarding breeds like the Kangal, the Anatolian Shepherd, the Central Asian Shepherd, and the Caucasian Ovcharka.

Unlike these breeds, however, the Armenian Gampr has not been standardized and it has even bred with local wolves. And the breed is not recognized by major kennel clubs or fancier organizations as a dog breed because it is a landrace.[1]

Armenian Gampr Dog Characteristics

The modern Armenian Gampr dog has changed little within the history of it’s existence in Armenian Highlands. It is one of few natural breeds not subjected to hard selection by phenotype. They preserved the genetic variation that other dog breeds had initially.

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This genetic variation was promoted by spontaneous and, in some cases, intentional periodic matings with locally indigenous wolves (still present). Gamprs differ by their vital capacity, independence, mind, strong self-preservation instinct, capacity for trustworthy defense and protection of livestock, and exclusive friendliness to humans.

The Armenian Gampr dogs are large animals with beautiful appearance. They have large head, which is well-outlined and well-developed but lacks prominent cheekbones. Their back is wide, straight, muscular and strong.

They have a well-developed undercoat, in order to protect it under harsh conditions. Depending upon the coat length, there are two types: long-haired, with long top hairs, and short-haired, with dense, relatively short hair. A brown or piebald coat is undesirable according to the breed standard.

Average height of the mature Armenian Gampr dogs is 25 to 26 inches at the withers for males, and 23 to 24 inches for the females. Average body weight of the mature dog is between 57 and 61 kg for the males, and between 45 and 59 kg for females.

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Though the Armenian Gampr is not a dog you would want to meet as an intruder, this breed is inherently gentle with children and forms close bonds with family.

This is not the kind of dog that will enjoy playing games but the Gampr will stop at nothing to defend his family. These dogs will always remain fairly aloof around strangers and will be suspicious first, though some specimens of the breed only develop a high guard drive against four-legged predators. Due to its size and temperament, this breed is not recommended for inexperienced dog owners.[2]

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Average lifespan of the Armenian Gampr dog is between 12 and 15 years.


How much a mature dog eats depends on it’s size, age, build, metabolism and activity level. Dogs are individuals, just like people, and they don’t all need the same amount of food.

The Armenian Gampr dogs are large sized animals. So, their diet should be formulated for a large sized breed with average energy and exercise needs. You can consult with your vet for better recommendations.


Taking good care of the animals is very important for raising Armenian Gampr dogs. It is a large breed and has somewhat aloof, independent nature. So the breed is not recommended for inexperienced dog owners, and a firm and consistent hand in leadership is required for training.

The Armenian Gampr dogs will stop at nothing for protecting their families and they can only truly be controlled to a point. Early socialization and training is a required and these animals should always be treated with respect.

The Armenian Gampr dog is a working breed. So it has excellent stamina, but they do not tend to be overly energetic. Still, they require a long daily walk and will also appreciate having some time outdoors in a fenced yard.


The Armenian Gampr dogs are generally healthy. But like all other dog breeds, they are also prone to certain health conditions. Due to its size, however, this breed may develop musculoskeletal issues in its later years.

To prevent these problems, make sure that your Armenian Gampr does not grow too quickly by feeding him a large-breed specific puppy food until he reaches about 80% of his maximum height then switch to a large-breed adult formula. And always keep good contact with a vet in your area.

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Breed NameArmenian Gampr
Other NamesGampr, Armenian Wolfhound Gampr
Breed SizeLarge
Height25 to 26 inches at the withers for males, and 23 to 24 inches for the females
WeightBetween 57 and 61 kg for the males, and between 45 and 59 kg for females
Good as petsYes
Climate ToleranceAll climates
ColorAny color
LifespanBetween 12 and 15 years
Good for childrenYes
Country of OriginArmenia