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Rough Earth Snake

Rough Earth Snake

The rough earth snake isn’t located on the Mississippi River Valley, and southwestern Georgia. Being one of the snakes they’re absent in peninsular Florida. Although there are a few records coming from Piedmont, they’re very …

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About 58 million decades back, a gigantic giant snake slithered from the swampy jungles and forests of South America and it started its reign of terror, it had been the colossal Titanoboa. The Titanoboa which …

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The Gigantophis kept the name of the biggest known snake for at least a hundred decades. The Gigantophis lived at the Sahara, from the Eocene epoch. The Gigantophis Garstini was initially called a giant python-like …

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Tsuchinoko snakes are similar in appearance to a tiny but quite bulky snake. Being their fundamental girth wider than tail or the head. The Tsuchinoko looks like a brief snake at the start of the …

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hoop snake

Hoop snake

Together with our creativity that is incredible, it is not surprising that we develop with mythical animals, and the entire world of snakes isn’t any exclusion. Number one myth is the hoop snake, even a …

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Rare Dragon Snake

The dragon snake or dragon snake (Xenodermus javanicus) is a peculiar appearing non-venomous Colubrid snake species found in Southeast Asia. It is the only snake in its genus. The species can be found in many …

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Spanish Chicken

The Black chicken is the aristocrat of the poultry world. The hens can be rather flighty, as all Mediterranean breeds can, however, the adults hold themselves as benefits a Spanish Don — Head up, one …

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