Aylesbury Duck Characteristics

Even the Aylesbury duck is a breed of duck. It was developed in the town of Aylesbury. Duck is bred for its meat as well as an amazing overall look.

The breed’s source isn’t very obvious. But increasing studs that were white became common at Aylesbury.

The prevalence of increasing studs that were white increased as a filler such as quilts because of the need for feathers.

Breeding for form size and color contributed to the Aylesbury duck. And in Aylesbury, duck farming became a significant industry in this age.

Aylesbury Duck Characteristics

Duck has white plumage and contains skin that is white, although national ducks have skin. Ducks have a long body with a carriage.

Their feet and legs are pink and they have a remarkably long and direct charge that is pinkish-white.

Their legs are positioned midway across the human body and it stands together with its bottom parallel to the floor, which makes it a human body called “boat-shaped”.

Their eyes are of haired color. They have a thin and long neck. Ducks are two different kinds; usefulness and exhibit.

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The d isplay kind has a keel that makes it tricky to partner. While the usefulness kind can mate also their keel and naturally is smaller.

The normal bodyweight of the Aylesbury duck is all about 4.5 kg along with the drakes weight approximately 5 kg.

Aylesbury Duck Advantages

Duck is raised for their meat production. Along with the strain is increased for exhibit and decorative functions.

Duck is good-natured and friendly. It’s a meat duck strain using a carcass that is white. Young ducks may get to the slaughtering weight (approximately 5 kg) in seven to fourteen days old.

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They are sometimes grown as they’re active and not active foragers, by consuming duck feed. The ducks are layers of eggs that are sour green or sized white.

They will lay about 35 to 125 eggs each year. The ducks are all moms, also Aylesbury duckling incubates.

Even the Aylesbury duck exceptional as pets as well as is really a hive strain that is moving.

Aylesbury Facts

Aylesbury is just another duck breed such as the snowball, that will be called after the location of the production of it. The strain was initially known as ‘White English’.

Together with generating feathers, then it was popular for the beef of it for the white carcass of it.

The Aylesbury snowball has been imported in the United States. However, it became popular there. However, the strain was admitted in 1876 into the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection.

Plus it had been recorded as critically endangered (as of 2013) in the USA from The Livestock Conservancy.

Aylesbury Duck Breed Information

Breed NameAylesbury
Other NameWhite English
Breed PurposeMeat, Eggs, Exhibition, Ornamental, Pets
Special NotesEasily Tamed, Docile, Friendly, Good as Pets
Breed ClassLarge
About 5 kg
DuckAbout 4.5 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Egg ColorWhite or tinted green
Egg SizeLarge
Egg WeightUp to 80 grams
Egg ProductivityLow
Flying AbilityPoor
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom