Barbari Goat Characteristics

Barbari goat is a tiny sized meat goat breed chiefly found in the densely populated and semi-arid areas of India. It’s one of those 23 goat breeds in India and is currently located in Gujarat, Etah, Uttar Pradesh, Agra, and Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. Also as in Sargodha and Jhelum districts in Punjab Province, Pakistan.

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The Barbari goat originated from Berbera, Somalia in East Africa. This strain derives its name from the original location Berbera. The manner of it is migration to India and Barbari goat is unknown. But medieval period’s dealers may have attracted them through sea and sea routes to India during their organization entourage. Etawah, Etah, and Agra will be Barbari goat in India’s tract. The breed is well adapted for states and gaining popularity as meat, today.

Barbari Goat

Barbari goat has exceptional attributes. It is a animal with a body that is moderate-sized. They’re appealing and awake. And also have eyes, due to the bone that is prominent.

Their ears are tubular twice, with the opening at the front, vertical, led upward and outward. Bucks have a beard that is large.

Barbari Does have set teats on the udder. Both are moderate in length and does and bucks have backward and horns, that can be directed upward.

Barbari goat has variation in coat color. But white with brown stains that are light that is little has become the color. Generally, adult Barbari Buck weigh about 37.85 kg and Does about 22.56 kg.

Barbari goat is increased chiefly as a meat goat breed. Nonetheless, it’s also a milker. This goat strain is acceptable for meat goat farming enterprises.

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Barbari goats are well-known for their great meat attributes and for triple kidding. Both are resistant to goat diseases and can and bucks mature.

Barbari goat has fed. It’s exceptionally suited to rearing under the stall and control systems that are fed. Along with being milk makers, the Barbari goats are successful and are a fantastic milker.

Typically the men are castrated at a really early age when they’re increased for meat production.

Barbari Goat Breed Information

Breed NameBarbari
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeMainly Raised for Meat Production
Breed SizeSmall
About 37.85 kg
DoeAbout 22.56 kg
Climate ToleranceHeat
Coat ColorDifferent color variations. But white with small light brown patches is most common.
Good for Stall FedYes
Country of OriginSomalia