Bayer Quad Dewormer Review (Chewable Tablets for Dogs)

Bayer quad dewormer review

As a dog owner, when you see that your furry family member is becoming sick or if you find worms in your dog’s vomit, tools, or feces, then as a pet owner, it is more heartbreaking than discovering, and yet a disgusting issue. But from my experience, I assure you not to worry. After detailed analysis and feedback capturing, here I’m sharing with you my experience and research on Bayer quad dewormer review for all pet owners.

Because Bayer quad Chewable dewormer is the one which not only deworms your dog but also will keep it healthy as well as also eliminate the risks of the infection spreading.

Bayer Quad Chewable Dewormer

Bayer Quad Dewormer is a product that comes when removing deworming from dogs. From all the deworming agents for dogs, this is the first deworming agent, which is best for a heavy-duty kind of deworming treatment. It is one of the best at-home treatments that suit small, medium, and large dogs, even puppy.

Bayer Quad Dewormer is a chewable dog deworming tablet that mainly takes care of all four common worm types: tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms. It is highly effective not only to knock out worms but also to prevent them from returning.

This deworming agent contains powerful active ingredients, so if you have sickly, pregnant, disabled, or too young dogs, even puppy, then use this product to have an active and healthy dog. Now let’s grab some essential features of Bayer Quad Chewable Dewormer. I Hope this Bayer quad dewormer review will help you a lot.

Suitable for all types of Dogs

Some of Quad dewormer is only for small, medium sizes dogs. But this Quad dewormer can treat not only a little, medium sizes dog but even for pet owners of a large dog, there is Bayer Quad Dewormer for large dogs. That is, this dewormer is available in different doses for dogs of all sizes. Depending upon your dog’s size you just need to follow the instructions-

Bayer quad Chewable dewormer
For Puppies and Small Dogs (2-25 lbs)
Weight Dosage
2-4 lbs        1/2 tablet
5-7 lbs One tablet
8-12 lbs 1-1/2 tablet
13-18 lbs Two tablets
19-25 lbs      2-1/2 tablet
Bayer Quad Dewormer For Medium Dogs (26-60 lbs)
Weight Dosage
26-30 lbs    1tablet
31-44 lbs 1-1/2 tablet
45-60 lbs Two tablets
Bayer Quad Dewormer for large dogs (45 lbs and greater)
Weight Dosage
46-60 lbs    One tablet
61-90 lbs 1-1/2 tablet
91-120 lbs Two tablets

Great Product in Great Price

This chewable tab is not only straightforward to administer bust also reasonably priced among the available dog dewormers on the market. Each pack comes with four tablets, so you can easily treat the problem several times to eliminate worms within a couple of days.

Multipurpose product

This is designed to eliminate almost all kinds of worms that commonly afflict dogs, including tapeworms, roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms. If your dog has an existing worm infestation, it works fast and eliminates parasites within a couple of days. This chewable tablet is easily adaptable for all types of dogs.

Chewable Tablets

Bayer Quad Dewormer comes in the form of Chewable Tablets. So there is no force to feed the tablets down. This is a big reason these products are different than other kinds of deworming agents. Just put the tablet directly in the mouth of dogs or Feed by hand or masked in food. This Chewable Tablets also gives the dog instant energy.

Comprehensive active ingredients

This broad-spectrum worming tablet contains a blend of ingredients of praziquantel, pyrantel paymote, and febantel. All these three active ingredients can easily get rid of almost all kinds of worms or parasites by the dog’s stool quickly and effectively without suffering dogs with a single, chewable dose.

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Flavored Tablets

Besides chewable, this also comes in a beef flavor that most dogs like. Unlike powdering, just ensure proper dosage to administer a worming medication to your dog. So your dog wouldn’t have that much of a problem of taking it.

Works quickly

This Safe and effective Bayer quad chewable dewormer needed only one dose works instantly for your dog. With proper dosage instructions, you can easily take care of the infestation problem within a few days.  Several owners reported that it not only Acts fast as well as also offers long-lasting protection with a single, chewable dose within 24 hours of administering the medicine.

Doesn’t require any Prescription

This chewable deworming tablet is from very well-known manufacturer Bayer. So, you don’t need any prescription or not have to go any veterinarian for seeking help. Just have to follow the dosage directions. Moreover, it is also approved by the FDA, so it’s freely available without any prescription at all. All in all, the item’s efficiency, ease of uses, and versatility in terms of dog sizes makes it highly recommendable to purchase for many owners.


  • Big pack for treating several dewormers.
  • Works quickly.
  • Offers minimum 6 months lasting protection.
  • Eliminates four types of worms.
  • Safe for dogs and puppies of all sizes.
  • Also Safer for four weeks old puppies.
  • Reasonable priced.
  • Easy to administrate your pet’s chewing convenience.

  • Some customers said that some fussy dogs refuse to eat the tablet.
  • Will not capable of dealing with protozoans.

Bottom Line

Bayer Quad chewable Dewormer is one of the most effective over-the-counter dog dewormers for many owners for treating worms and parasitic. This broad-spectrum dewormer is not only recommended for puppies, small, and medium dogs breeds, but if you have larger dog breeds more than 45lbs, then you can also easily use Bayer quad dewormer for large dogs for your larger furry friends.

Some Alternatives Dewormer of Bayer Quad Dewormer

Of course, Bayer Quad Chewable Dewormer is the best product for dogs. But, besides Bayer Quad Chewable Dewormer, there are several similar products available in the market to administer to get rid of dog worms. So, let’s check some alternatives products which also ensure more or less similar impacts of Bayer Quad Dewormer.

Safe-Guard Canine Dewormer for Dogs, 3 Day Treatment

Bayer Quad Dewormer

Just like the Bayer Quad, this Safe-Guard Canine Dewormer for Dog is also purging different types of worms inside from your dog’s body. Despite it, both of them is different from each other in the following ways:

  • It is easy to administer in food because it comes in granule formula.
  • An effective three times daily treatment in killing all harmful worms and parasites.
  • Each package contains 3-4-grams pouches to treats dogs up to 40-pound.
  • a safer solution for puppies as young as six weeks.
  • Also safe for pregnant dogs, sickly dogs, and heartworm infected dogs.

  • Provides effective treatment against many worm types.
  • Eliminates also heartworm and roundworms.
  • Highly effective and reliable.
  • Offers six months long-lasting protection.
  • Affordable.
  • Safe and Suitable for small and young puppies.

Bottom Line

Based on our assessment, Excel 8-in-one formula is an ideal product for most of the dogs at a great price. By administered three times daily, it quickly cleared up all worm.

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Panacur C Canine Dog Dewormer

Chewable Dewormer

Panacur C Canine Dewormer, also known as fenbendazole, is another dog dewormer for specifically deworming hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, and whipworms infections from a dog. Despite it, there is no similarity between Bayer Quad Chewable Dewormer and Panacur C Canine Dewormer. Some features are-

  • Comes in 4 gram, 2gram, and 1gram packets powdered formula
  • One packet treats 40 LBS.
  • Have to give three days in a row daily recommended dosage according to the size of a dog.
  • Contains a key ingredient called fenbendazole that can kill parasites from a dog by binding a special parasitic protein with them.
  • if mixing this with dry kibble have to be moisturized for improved efficacy.

  • Suitable for young puppies as well as pregnant dogs.
  • powdered formula is easy to mix in foods.
  • Eliminates all type of worms.
  • simple and stress-free dewormer.
  • Best budget canine dewormer.

  • Not for under six weeks puppies.
  • Have to sprinkle the Powdered formula otherwise the dog properly does not taste if, it smelled.

Bottom Line

Since Panacur C Canine Dewormer comes in powder form so that it is not only effortless to administer but also makes it reliable medicine to kill off all parasites and worms inside the dog easily.  

Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer for Dogs

Like the Bayer Quad Chewable Dewormer, Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer for a dog is easily killing intestinal parasites and worms but specifically designed to deal with common tapeworm infestation from the dog’s body. It is also advisable for4-weeks old puppies. Furthermore, the differences are-

  • Contains the 34 mg of active ingredient praziquantel.
  • Specifically only works on tapeworms.
  • Each pack comes in a pack of 5 tablets.

  • Easy to administer.
  • tablets are easily used in dogs food by grounded with food or taken by mouth.
  • within 48 hours it effectively Eliminates tapeworms.

  • Not for under four weeks puppies.
  • Some dogs don’t like it.

Bottom Line

Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer is quickly and effectively clearing up a tapeworm infestation in puppies and adult dogs. So if your dog is suffering from tapeworm infestation, then use this dog tablet to rid him of his intestinal parasite issue.

Buying guide through Bayer quad dewormer review

The dog is like a family member for pet owners. So it is highly recommendable to invest the highest quality products for this furry friend. Bayer Quad Chewable Dewormer is the best deworming agent for specifically deworming all kinds of worms, especially tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms. But before choosing the Bayer quad dewormer medicine, there are some factors you also have to consider. 

Age and Weight

This Deworming product is labeled by size and age. So choose per age and weight of your dog. This Deworming product is meant for all sizes and ages of dogs. Several options exist for puppies such as its Safer for Minimum 4 week’s old puppies. To ensure that the dewormer does its job, ensure to provide the correct dosing for working.


If you have a pregnant dog that has slender worms, then you have to make sure that this treatment is appropriate for your dog. As Bayer Quad Chewable Dewormer contains powerful active ingredients, so before dewormer your pregnant dog, it will be appropriate to consult a veterinary officer.


This dewormer comes with a combination of active ingredients. So before deworming your dog always maintain the recommend doges. Otherwise, your dog’s health condition will end up in Allergies.

Inherent Health Problems

If your dog has inherent health problems such as Lyme disease, chocolate poisoning, heartworm, cancer, renal failures, and fungal infections, then before deworming this product, it is wise to deal with them first.

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Even you are an expert, before begin administration this dewormer, it is important to consult your vet first. This is a trusted product that has no side effects and won’t hurt your young puppy or dogs as well. But if you need a mighty dog deworming treatment, it is advisable to ask a veterinarian for help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Bayer Quad Dewormer Review

What are the symptoms of dogs with worms?

Usually, you do not find any symptoms of worms in your dogs. But if you observe the symptoms like these, then it is certain that your dog is affected by worms. Symptoms are-
Poor hair coat.
The sickness of diarrhea.
Variation in appetite.
Blood tinged stool.
swollen stomach.
Excess licking or irritation.
Presence of worms in dog’s feces.

How long does it take for a dog dewormer to work?

Initially, after ingested the dewormer products, the effect will be shown. However, usually, it takes 1 to 7 days for removing worms from dogs. But Bayer Quad Dewormer works instantly within 24 hours after taking a single, chewable dose of administering the medicine.

How often should dogs be wormed?

If your dog is an adult who is six months old, then the administration should be once a month. But After six months of age dog, it is recommended administering the pills every three months for a better cure. For 2 and 12 weeks of age, puppies appropriate deworming need every two weeks.

How dogs get worms?

Dogs are infected with roundworms by eating infected rodents or by ingesting worm eggs from contaminated soils and stool. Most tapeworms are directly passed from one pet to another or through hosts such as fleas and small or infected rodents. And, Hookworms are contracted not only by ingestion of larvae, along with food. It also comes from larval entry through the skin, usually on the feet.

Can you give a pregnant dog dewormer?

Of course, a pregnant dog can be dewormer. There are various types of dewormers available in the market for use on breeding and pregnant dogs. Usually, before 10 days of giving birth, the pregnant dog needs to be wormed. And if she is feeding her pups, then every three weeks needs to be wormed. But don’t forget to check the recommended doses before going to administrate your dog.

How long does it take Bayer quad Dewormer to work

Bayer Quad Chewable Dewormer contains a compelling blend of ingredients of praziquantel, pyrantel pamoate, and febantel. All of these active ingredients make it one of the best dewormers for removing heavy-duty kind of deworming from dogs.

If your dog is deworming or has an existing worm infestation, your dog needed a single, chewable dose. Moreover, this chewable tab also has a tasty beef flavor. This also makes the tablets easily give to a dog. Within 24 hours of administering the medicine, it works instantly. However, if your furry friend gets re-infected again with worms, then after three weeks, you can dose him again.

Summing Up

Dogs have a habit of eating anything and everything, so worms in dogs is relatively common. But don’t panic and worry, it is also easily treatable. When you notice that your dog has a swollen stomach, losing weight, Vomiting, uncharacteristic rubbing, or itching behaviors, then it’s inevitable not to waste time and pick up the effective treatments to dewormer your dog from harmful parasites.

After a thorough, detailed analysis, I can confidently affirm that Bayer Quad Chewable dewormer is affordable and effective than other products. And I think after reading this Bayer quad dewormer review, you also agree with me that this dewormer is proven effective to deworm your dog from worm infestations and keeps the health of a dog in proper proportion.