Belmont Red Cattle

Belmont Red cattle are a beef cattle breed. They’re raised for meat production.

The Belmont Red cattle are a breed of beef cattle from Australia that are raised for beef production. It was developed from the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) through 1954 in response to this requirement from the Australian Tropics for cattle which would enhance the fertility of Bos indicus cattle.

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Plus it was introduced to the cattle breeders from the CSIRO in 1969. The Belmont Red cattle have been conceived at Belmont Research Station as a combination from many Bos taurus cattle breeds such as Africander (African Sanga), Hereford and Shorthorn.

Belmont Red Cattle

The strain has shown greater fertility compared to pure Bos indicus cattle breeds and greater than most other Bos taurus and Bos indicus cross. Along with fertility the strain ticks tolerance and stays the features of heat and hardiness.

The performance of this strain was shown on study stations in Australia and Africa compared to traits. Nature and their performance are recognized from the Philippines and the Pacific Islands where advancement in livestock population is tracked. The Belmont Red cattle created in Australia and are very popular. They’ve attained many wins and placings.

The Belmont Red cattle are famous for their calm and docility temperament. They’re famous for exceptional heat tolerance meat quality growth rate, higher immunity to ticks nature, their fertility and feed efficiency or from the feedlot.

Belmont Red cattle are of moderate-sized creatures and have a conformation in regard to beefing quality. They can be phenotypically and a mixture of Bos taurus and Bos indicus. They have a short and sleek coat that is reddish in color.

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Even though they might have some white. They achieve adulthood and growers as early as roughly 10-14 weeks.

They can be well adapted to both tropical and temperate atmosphere. Large Business farms of the Belmont Red cattle are operating on native pastures in the Northern Hemisphere and at the Queensland. Rates of this creature is over 90 percent attained comprising approximately 5,000 head. The strain bred and is located in Australia.

Belmont Red Cattle Breed Information

Breed NameBelmont Red
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeMainly meat
Special NotesStrong, very hardy, well adapted to the tropical and temperate environment, good for meat, excellent meat quality, grow relatively faster, docile temperament, high fertility, tick resistant, easy to care
Breed SizeMedium
Climate ToleranceBoth tropical and temperate climates
Coat ColorPredominantly red
Milk YieldPoor
Country/Place of OriginAustralia