Best Dog Food for Boston Terriers

Best Dog Food for Boston Terriers

With small black and white fur, the Boston Terrier has gained the nickname ‘American Gentleman’. Due to their active lifestyle being unique from fellow small-breeds. Terriers require a lot of energy supply throughout the day. This article is a result of thoughtful research on what are the best dog food for boston terriers. As a veterinarian, I hope my list will help owners of such lovable pups to pick the best.

Editor’s Pick: Top 10 Dog Food for Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers are a small breed and apartment-friendly dog. They need a surprising number of calories to maintain their active-style. Owners are often perplexed about what to feed their Boston terriers, what to avoid, and so on. I have put together all your queries in one article. Keep on reading to find out.

Earthborn Holistic Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Best Dog Food for Boston Terriers

Earthborn Holistic Dog food is a great option for Boston Terrier Dog food. It contains red meat protein which is a crucial part of its diet. It’s formulated with a balanced amount of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids to make sure your dog’s healthy skin and fur.

As the name suggests, it is also grain-free so you won’t have to worry about your dog falling sick. Earthborn Holistic contains fruits like pears, carrots, and vegetables that are high in antioxidants that promote a better immunity system. So your loving pet stays more healthy.

You will find an ingredient list stating the nutrition percentage that lets you know how much of each ingredient is your dog having per day. Earthborn also makes the package BPA free, resealable and recyclable packages so you won’t be hurting the planet in the process of taking care of your dog. The kibble’s shape and binders support good dental hygiene along with having great taste which meets your dog’s ancestral cravings.

Food Qualities

  • Grain-free, gluten-free and potato-free.
  • Contains red meat to provide high-quality protein.
  • Formulated with fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants.
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages.

  • The zipper of the bag is fragile for the weight it carries.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry: Dog Food for Boston Terriers

Dog Food for Boston Terriers

Hill’s science dry diet dog food is formulated for the less active dogs like Boston Terriers. It has 18% fewer calories to help maintain the weight of your dog. Its formula is made with high-quality proteins and vegetables to support a better immune system. The minerals are balanced so that your dog has beautiful and healthy skin.

The dog food’s kibble is compact shaped which makes it easier to chew for smaller jaws. The kibbles are chicken flavored to fulfill your dog’s wild cravings. Omega 6, omega 3 and such minerals and vitamins are packed in just the right amount to ensure healthy skin and coats.

Any sort of synthetic ingredient is bad for dog’s health hence Hill’s science dog food is 100% natural. All the ingredients are sourced from the U.S. that meets the AAFCO standards. A lot of veterinarians also recommend this formula to the Boston terrier owners. It is such a carefully developed formula that you won’t have to worry about your small breed dogs nutrition intake as well as putting on too much weight.

Food Qualities

  • Suitable formula for small breed dogs.
  • Provides I-carnitine to support better heart function and healthy weight.
  • Packed with natural fibers to maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • Made with all-natural, USA sourced ingredients.

  • The price is slightly higher.

Nulo All-Natural Adult Grain Free Dog Food

Nulo Adult Grain Free dog food is another excellent option for adult Boston Terrier dog food. It is made from 100% natural ingredients so your fur friends are safe from digesting synthetic stuff. It’s uniquely developed to cater to the dogs who don’t like chicken flavor or can’t handle chicken in their stomach.

Nulo Grain-free dog food contains BC30 probiotic that is great for the dog’s digestive system. An ample amount of Vitamin E & C supports a better immune system. The balanced amount of calcium and phosphorus ensures good bone and joint health. So, the growth of your dog becomes incredibly perfect.

With this dog food, your dog will have beautiful skin and fur. The small kibbles are made for smaller jaws to maintain their dental hygiene and jaw strength. Another great thing about this dog food is that it’s made for small to big, various breeds of dogs. Just give them the food according to their weight in each meal and you’re good to go.

Food Qualities

  • Grain-free to make it suitable for allergic dogs.
  • Contains BC30 to support a better immune system.
  • Has different flavors of kibbles.
  • Suitable for dogs of different sizes and breeds.

  • It can be a bit drier than usual.

Natural Balance L.I.D. Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

This is another best dog food for Boston Terriers with sensitive stomachs. Natural Balance released a limited-edition dry dog food collaborating with veterinarians to serve the dogs who have a rather sensitive digestive system. The number of ingredients is limited in this formula to provide just what a dog need, not more or not less than that.

Formulated with all-natural ingredients so that your dog can digest the food without an issue while absorbing the necessary nutrients. The high-quality animal proteins in the formula will promote stronger muscle. All essential vitamins and minerals will gradually improve the digestive system. This dog food also has undergone 9 safety tests to make sure it doesn’t trigger any allergic reaction.

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This carefully developed product is sure to suit your dog’s palate. A well tasting food will increase the appetite of your dog, eventually leading to better health and digestive system. With such a well-developed formula, we recommend this for your Boston Terrier’s dog food confidently.

Food Qualities

  • Formulated with a limited amount of ingredients to cater to dogs with a sensitive digestive system.
  • 100% natural & high-quality ingredients.
  • Passed 9 safety tests to avoid allergic reaction.
  • Incorporated sweet potato & fish to improve the digestive system.

  • The bag is not re-sealable.

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Best Dog Food

This dog food is formulated keeping the small breed dogs with digestive issues in mind. If your Boston terrier is a little sensitive, this can be a good option. The main ingredient of this dog food is turkey, an excellent source of high-quality proteins for your fur baby. They avoided using multiple animal sources for proteins to stop adverse reactions in your dog

It has carbohydrates like potatoes, peas, and oatmeal are excellent nutrition providers which also aids your dog’s digestion system. The flaxseed and fish oils in the dog food ensure a beautiful coat and healthy skin.  The antioxidant rich vegetables and fruit will make sure your dog is strong and healthy.

The smaller kibbles help with dental hygiene and removing tartars from your dog’s mouth. It’s formulated in an excellent way that the food is easily digestible for your dogs. It keeps them healthy and active along with maintaining their weight so that your dog gets a good balance of living.

Food Qualities

  • Doesn’t contain poultry products (chicken, eggs, etc).
  • Well-proportioned meat and vegetables for easy digestion.
  • The formula is developed for breeds like Boston Terriers.
  • It contains Omega 3, Omega 6 and other minerals to support healthy skin and silky, smooth coats.

  • Its price is on the higher side.

Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Wellness core natural grain-free dry dog food is a 100% natural dog food made especially for smaller breed dogs. This formula is completely grain-free to ensure the dogs are safe from having allergic reactions. It’s made with Turkey, Salmon, Chicken, and vegetables for optimal nutrition supplements along with a better digestion system.

Small breed dogs are more on the less active side so this formula is perfect as it promotes easy digestion. The dog food is formulated carefully for small canines to maintain an ideal weight. It contains flaxseed and different minerals and vitamins to support healthy skin and coat.

Wellness Core provides an ample amount of glucosamine that is excellent for cartilage and joint health. Its kibbles are shaped for smaller jaws to chew easily along with taking care of dental hygiene by removing tartars. The formula is developed keeping the picky eaters in mind. Buy this as your Boston Terrier dog food especially if your fur baby is a picky eater. You’ll see empty bowels more often now.

Food Qualities

  • Made with natural, non-GMO ingredients.
  • Contains high-quality animal meat.
  • Grain-Free, quality assured.
  • Good for dogs with stomach issues.

  • It has a rather strange smell.

Taste of The Wild Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild dog food is an excellent dog food if your dog craves wild tasting food. This dog food consists of roasted animal meats that are an excellent source of protein while meeting the ancient craving of the dog. The vegetables and fruits in this formula will provide antioxidants for your dog’s better health and digestive system.

This dog food is easy on the digestive system hence they’re great Boston Terriers and other small breed dogs that are rather less active. An optimal blend of amino acids and fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6. It will make sure your fur baby has a luscious coat and healthy skin.

The careful mix provides a hearty sensation on the taste bud, your fur babies will clear out the bowl in every meal. The small kibbles also take care of the small jaw and dental health. Formulated for small breeds, this can be a good option for your Boston Terrier dog food. It has everything you can ask for in dog food.

Food Qualities

  • Contains prebiotic fibre which supports better digestion system.
  • A balanced mix of vitamins and minerals that promotes better skin health and coat.
  • Tastes like wild food that meets the ancient cravings.
  • Formulated especially for smaller, less-active breeds.

  • Suggested not to buy from eBay.

Best Dog Food for Boston Terrier Puppy

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Dog Food

Dog Food for Boston Terrier Puppy

Royal Canin size health nutrition mini puppy dry dog food is specially formulated for puppies up to 10 months old and could be one of the best options as puppy food for Boston Terrier. The dog food is carefully formulated with highly digestible proteins and prebiotics is really gentle on a puppy’s stomach. The high-quality ingredients support a puppy’s short and intensive growth period.

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The kibbles are extra small for small and developing jaws of puppies. The exclusive blend of antioxidants and vitamins supports the developing digestive system. The formula is also great for fussy and picky eater puppies. The exclusive balance of proteins, fats, and minerals provide support to a sensitive digestive system and optimal stool quality.

50 years of research has helped Royal Canin to come up with a targeted nutrition mix for puppies. They provide the right combination of nutrition to support the rapid growth of small breed puppies as they grow faster than bigger breed puppies. With the necessary minerals and vitamins, this puppy food also ensures the skin and coat are growing healthy and beautiful.

Food Qualities

  • Developed especially for small breed puppies.
  • Highly digestible formula.
  • Softer and smaller kibbles but doesn’t fall apart.
  • Supports rapid growth.

  • The recent change in the recipe may not suit all puppies.

Canine Caviar Dry Dog Food for Puppy

Canine caviar dry puppy food has produced the highest quality of foods and treats for your puppies from small to bigger breeds. They have made sure to source all ingredients from the best possible suppliers thus this formula is the puppy food for Boston Terriers. The animal meats in this formula are from hand-grown animals thus providing the purest and highest quality proteins to the puppies.

The vegetables and fruits mix in the formula maintain by hand as well which ensures your puppy is having food that is free from secondary synthetics. Researchers have spent 40 years coming up with this formula which provides the best combination of all the nutrition that is necessary for your puppy’s growth. It contains the best quality Omega 3 and Omega 6 to support your puppy’s skin health.

The kibbles are extraordinarily formulated and sized so that your puppy’s dental health is supported along with digesting the food easily. All the best quality ingredients have also ensured the kibbles to taste as good as the nutrition it provides to your puppies.

Food Qualities

  • The ingredients are sourced from the best possible suppliers.
  • Contains highest quality animal meat proteins.
  • Recommended by vets for puppies with a sensitive stomach.
  • Formulated to support the rapid growth of puppies.

  • A little bit higher priced.

Merrick Grain-Free Puppy Dry Dog Food for Boston Terriers

Merrick grain-free puppy dry dog food is 100% grain-free to make the formula suitable for puppies’ sensitive digestive system. Its uniquely developed formula supports the rapid growth of puppies. The formula contains the right amount of proteins and fats to meet the high energy puppy’s nutrition needs. With its carefully balanced number of vitamins and minerals, it is one of the best puppy food for Boston terrier.

The kibbles of this dog food are extra small and soft to make it suitable for developing the jaw of the puppies. Despite the small binding, it doesn’t fall apart which also supports the dental hygiene of the puppy’s by removing tartars. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are high-quality ingredients to best possible skin health and smooth growth of the coat.

The dog food is also additive-free and all-natural so your puppies are having natural foods. They also contain farm-fresh vegetables and fruits to help develop a better immune and digestive system. Having the approval of AAFCO, you can confidently put this on your puppy’s bowl.

Food Qualities

  • All ingredients are sourced from the U.S.
  • Formulated with farm-fresh animal meats and vegetables.
  • Additive and filler-free.
  • Supports rapid growth of small breed puppies.

  • Kibble size is not consistent.

Buying guide for Boston Terrier Dog food

Boston Terriers are one of the world-wide favourites among the dog owners. Also known as American gentleman, Boston Terrier is an original American, small breed dog that is quite more active than other small breed dogs. To support their playful and active lifestyle, they require enough calories.

They need a certain amount of nutrition in their food and some food they must avoid. Typically, a Boston Terrier needs 30 to 40 calories per pound depending on the dog’s activity level.  We made this buying guide for you to help you with keeping important points in mind when you buy the best dog food for Boston Terriers.

What does a good dog food contains?

Typically, a good dog for Boston Terrier should contain at least 18% protein and 5% fat for adults and 22% protein and 8% fat for puppies. Protein is the main source of energy for dogs. The proteins source must be from good quality animal meats. And Boston Terrier is the active kind, they must have an ample amount of all the necessary nutrition. Besides fats and proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibres, and a good amount of vegetables are also necessary in the diet.


Before getting domesticized, dogs were wild animals. Despite the long years of being indoor pets, they are still wild at heart. Meat is the centre of every dog’s diet. They absorb proteins from animals mainly.

Although they can eat vegetables and fishes, animal meat is the best source of protein for them. So you must look for animal meat in the first 3-4 ingredients in the list. Turkey, Salmon, and chicken are a great source of good quality proteins. You should find proteins in the first 4 ingredients in a good dog food’s ingredients list.

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Fat is another essential component in a dog’s diet.  It supports the immune system to keep skin and coat healthy.  For the puppies, fat gives the food a more appealing texture and makes the food tastier. It helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. You will find Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in good dog food.


While carbohydrates aren’t necessary for dogs. They are a great source of energy for them. Complex carbs also provide vital vitamins and minerals to the dogs. However, keep in mind that not all the carbohydrates are good for your fur baby. What the dogs need and can digest well is sweet potatoes, carrots, and apples. If you find these as carb sources in the dog food, it’s a good one. And if you find cornmeal, grains, the dog food is not for your Boston Terrier.

Vitamins and Minerals

Minerals and vitamins help maintain a good immune and digestive system of the dogs. For example, Vitamin E helps them with skin and coat health. Glucosamine helps with cartilage and joints. They also help with regulating energy & muscle growth. Good dog food must contain Vitamin A, B, E, Calcium, Glucosamine, Phosphorus, Iron, and Selenium.


Finally, you will want to look for fibre content in dog food. Fibres help with the dog’s digestive and gastrointestinal health. It also balances a diet and help dogs feel fuller when you are controlling their calorie intake. Generally, 4-5% fibre content in the dog food is enough.

What to avoid while picking Good Dog Food for Boston Terriers

Dogs love to eat and they show great interest in human food. However, there are foods that you should strictly avoid for the dogs no matter how much puppy eyes they show you.  We made a list of ingredients to avoid given below:

  • Meat-by products (causes serious health damage)
  • Wheat (Can trigger allergic reactions and digestion problems)
  • Corn (Disrupts digestive system)
  • Mushroom (Can be toxic, causes shock resulting in death)
  • Sugar (Leads to obesity, dental problems and, diabetes)
  • Dairy products (Can cause diarrhoea)
  • Cat food (Has a high amount of protein)
  • Chocolates (Affects the heart and nervous system)
  • Alcohol (Affects the heart and nervous system)
  • Caffeine (Affects the heart and nervous system)
  • Table scraps (leftover human food)
  • Fish and chicken bones.

Above mentioned ingredients cause serious health problems like paralysis, diarrhea vomiting, and allergic reaction in the dogs so please be careful. Sometimes unhealthy food causes dog worms.

For the special ones

Since Boston Terriers are a unique and special breed, they also need special attention if the dog has diseases like Visionary problems, brachial issues, or patellar luxation. In such a case, please consult an experienced veterinarian and adjust the diet of your special pup accordingly. If your Boston Terrier is senior, reduce the meal to 2 times per day as their digestive slows down in old age.

FAQs on Best Dog Food for Boston Terriers

Along with broad discussion about Boston Terriers’ diet and foods, owners often ask some common questions regarding their dog’s diet and meal routines and such. We have put together the most common one for you to quickly find some basic information

How much should I feed my Boston Terrier?

According to the height, weight, and age of the Boston terrier, you will have to give them ½ cup to 1½ cups per day divided into several meals over the day. Do remember to feed them wet food along with dry food in a small proportion over time.

How to distribute meals for a Boston Terrier throughout the day?

Small breed puppies grow much faster than bigger breed puppies. Hence, they need a consistent influx of energy. Feed them 4 times a day with an ample amount of hydration. As they grow, you can reduce the meals to 2-3 times a day depending on their activity.

Which ingredients should I strictly avoid for a Boston Terrier?

Onions and garlic, raw eggs, Caffeine, nicotine, cat foods (contains a high amount of protein), Fish and chicken bones, Table scraps, dairy products. These products can cause a range of issues starting from vomiting, rapid palpitation, seizure, paralysis, salmonella, loose bowels, even death is severe cases. Strictly avoid them.

What vegetables are good for Boston Terriers?

Fresh vegetables can be great treats for Boston Terriers. Vegetables also have a low risk of triggering allergic reactions. Having a good mix of vegetables in dog food helps with the digestive system. Carrots, Peas, Zucchinis, Apples, Asparagus, broccoli, and cucumbers are great sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.


Now that you have read the entire article, you have the necessary knowledge you need to shop the best dog food for Boston Terriers. The products we mentioned are highly recommended by vets and well-received other owners. And remember to never settle for low-quality foods and meat by-products. They can cause serious damage to Boston Terrier’s immune and digestive system. We hope we were able to help you out.