Best Dog Harness for Small Dogs (Review)

Best Dog Harness for Small Dogs

The harness has become a prominent option for the pet lover. In fact, it helps to have an outstanding watch out for your small friend. So, choosing the best dog harness for small dogs is very critical.

The harness has become a prominent option for the pet lover. In fact, it helps to have an outstanding watch out for your Small dogs. So, choosing the best harness for small breeds is very crucial.

Anyone who has lived with a small dog can testify to how stubborn these little dogs are. However, Small dogs are one of the most dedicated and protective dogs you can find.

Top 9 Best Harness for Small Dogs

You may be worried about tracheal collapse, or you don’t know how to agree on the size as your dog grows. I will introduce the right harness for your small dogs. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Chai’s Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness

best dog harness for small dogs

The outdoor harness is a casual dog strap that is easy to use, durable, and convenient for your dog. This belt relieves pressure on the neck of your dog and prevents possible injuries to the neck, spine, and trachea. 

Elegant, durable, and scratch-resistant outer case made of oxford material. Lightweight Durable buckle with high load-bearing capacity, which dramatically increases strength and spread. Provide ease of use for harness placement and removal!

Adjustable straps provide the perfect fit for your dog. Chai’s Choice helps support an injured or disabled dog more. The harness gives additional support and control to your dog when you walk, stand, or climb stairs. You can utilize it to help your friend when necessary. 

Safety features include 3M nylon straps with reflective material for good night vision and a sturdy grip to protect the dog while driving.

It includes reflective material for walking in low light and a braided handle for optimal control if necessary. All in all, this is an excellent choice if you are looking for a high-quality dog ​​leash!


  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Scratch resistant and durable outer layer.
  • Reduce pressure from your dog’s neck.
  • Excellent support for injured or handicapped dogs.

  • May not fits well to extra small dogs.

Gooby Small Dog Harness 

harness for small dogs

Gooby harness meshes knitting head with choke free capacity. However, it has a flexible fit on the chest. The suede border does not allow our puppy to cuddle. 

Please measure your dog before you buy this small dog harness and leash; large size does not mean that it is suitable for large breeds of dogs. The strap has made of delicate, lightweight material.  

I like the deep V, so all the pressure is distributed on the chest, away from the trachea. However, the size is extraordinary.

I have an 8-pound Maltipoo, a 10-inch neck, 14 “circumference, which, according to the size chart, will make it small. Small is very small, just worn on the head, and chest straps are cut very far from it—themselves in the armpits.  

The difference between the two sizes is vast. I wish they made the size between S and M. The little one is suitable for a 6/7 lbs dog. I highly recommend it.


  • X shaped frame reduces neck injury.
  • Fit a dog up to 30lbs.
  • Lightweight and easy to take off.
  • Keep the body temperature cold with the polyester mesh.

  • We had a few complaints about the buckle.

PoyPet Small to Large Dog Harness

PoyPet harness for little dogs is fantastic, and you just can’t win the price. I bought two for my fast-growing American bulldog because the price was right. Moreover, we should buy larger ones soon and have a second D ring on their chest instead of just their back. 

However, we will buy the next size as soon as the puppies exceed the first set, as we just fell in love with these belts. Numerous clips make it easy to wear and remove. In fact, they are very significant, and I like reflective material. 

Another advantage is the rear handle, which is convenient not only to get a little closer to the body but also to put them in a car. We live on a farm, and pups get dirty very quickly, but they are immaculate. If you are looking for a comfortable and high-quality strap at an incredible price, find it here!


  • 3M reflective materials can make your dog easily visible.
  • Black Mesh Pocket can carry the contact info and name of your dog.
  • A soft training handle is easy to control.
  • Easy to put on and take off.

  • It may not suit the large dogs.

Gooby Trekking Harness for Small Dogs

harness for chihuahua

This best harness for small dogs is a new belt that unites memory foam technology with a drowning strap. Leather upholstery in a pigtail gives your puppy a feeling of comfort and softness. The entrance facilitates take-off and put on. 

The largest size fits the dog at about 30 pounds. It was running foam memory harness for superior fit and comfort for small dogs. Trekking Harness is a revolutionary braid that combines memory foam technology with a drowning belt. 

My puppy has worn this strap several times a day in recent months, and it is durable and well made. My dog ​​pulls when he wears a leash and suddenly takes off after a rabbit or squirrel pulls on a leash and ties it tightly. 

To date, the stitches have been preserved, and Gooby has no signs of wear and tear from daily stress. I highly recommend this product. Besides, I would not recommend considering whether your dog takes size into account, but this is only my experience.


  • Contain durable plastic materials.
  • Having a memory foam pad.
  • Ensure maximum comforts.
  • Perfect for extended walking.

  • Hooks are a bit smaller than we expected.

Voyager Harness for Small Dogs

I bought so many different sections of a particular breed to find the ideal comfort zone for my medium size. They are larger than thumbnails but smaller than standard thumbnails. The fact is that dachshunds have more breasts than typical small breeds, and it is essential to protect their back from injuries.

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The harness looks only sold in the dachshund’s sections, but almost 1/3 of the price. I get a lot of compliments about how cute they look, and the application is perfect. 

Neither rash nor irritation is in my puppies even after long walks. My little puppy has sensitive skin with a bit of diluted alopecia on the armpits (hairless spots), and it never had any signs of irritation from this braid. 

However, this small dog’s harness is free enough to wear it over a sweater in the winter and breathe in the summer, but it is comfortable and safe.


  • Have made from breathable and soft air mesh.
  • Reflective bands enhance the visibility of your pet on both sides.
  • Hook and loop straps secure and fit the dog harness.
  • Double D-ring and slide buckle provide an extra layer of protection.

  • The hook buckles are a bit hard to detach.

Slow Ton Small Dog Harness

small dog harness

I’m obsessed with this Small dog harness. In fact, I spent a small fortune on finding a long-haired belt for small animals at work. And it works! 

I have an 11-pound puppy that tells how to walk on a leash, this is the third one I bought, and I have already thrown another 3. Unlike others, it remains in place, fits very well. 

Moreover, I bought it small to increase it as it grows. The thing I like most is the soft velvet material around my dog’s chest and abdomen, so when it pulls, it does not hurt my dog like everyone else. With this harness, it goes over my pet’s head, so my arms and hands don’t go near its feet while I’m putting it on him. 

I highly recommend this, especially for puppies! Oh, I almost forgot that I like to keep my puppy, so the belt length is perfect for me. Therefore, it has a small elastic piece that stretches enough for puppies!


  • Easily adjust to your puppy’s chest and neck.
  • Perfect for easy walking, hiking, running, or training.
  • Durable and lightweight for your dog.
  • The strap’s reflective stitching enhances visibility in the dark.

  • We have a few complaints about the cheap constructive materials.

BINGPET Pet Walking Vest

This harness for small dogs is perfect for my puppy! They are soft and flexible but very durable and reliable. In the past, I had problems with a belt rubbing the armpits and causing skin irritation. 

Fortunately, it does not irritate. Moreover, my pet’s hair does not seem to get tangled so quickly when it wears a belt. The chest area is soft and has a soft pad, which allows the dog to lie down and not lie down with straps or buckles.

I have purple belts, and the color is shiny and bright. Also, the small leg with the print on the braid is cute! The padded area’s material is similar to a grating that prevents my pup from getting too hot. 

However, it allows me to embroider their names on the straps. I highly recommend these belts; they are one of my new favorites worth paying attention!


  • Extra Small for the chest girth of 9″-13″ or 8.5″ neck girth.
  • Air mesh fabrics are soft and breathable.
  • Quick-release and adjustable buckle.
  • Durable material with the D ring.

  • Sizing was not up to the standard.

Eco Bark Adjustable Pet Vest

Eco Bark’s dog straps are available in a variety of vibrant colors and styles. These dog straps will hug your dog like a hug. In fact, they don’t pull anymore and don’t suffocate—one of the few braids with fabric instead of just straps. 

My dog ​​weighs 5 kg and can walk without straps, so I like that she has fabric and has reasonable prices. When I asked, the only xsmall option was blue. She is charming, but I would like her to be pink for her. 

Finally, as other reviews say, they are a bit lazy, even if they are small. I want the Velcro area to be larger so that I can fit more tightly to it. It would also be nice if you could shorten the clamping strap so that it fits snugly. 

Of course, our puppy will eventually grow, but I am disappointed that we really cannot use it! Eco Bark’s application, color, material, and overall appearance are tremendous and different when you buy doxy!


  • The double-layer mesh fabric is long-lasting.
  • Custom stitched cover protects your dog from strap rubbing.
  • Highly durable color dye and materials.
  • Specialized buckled ensure a high level of strength.

  • The hook & loop fastener wears out way too fast.

Thundershirt Classic Dog Jacket

ThunderShirt helps pull pets out of the fossil. First of all, my dog ​​is afraid of fireworks, thunder, wind, shadow, blue color, mouse spots, and floating leaves. It is so dirty, trembling, running behind the hidden, tearing blankets, packing up, and keeping with us most of the time. 

We found this small dog’s harness and read the reviews, and we had to try it. Now our dog is afraid of everything, so for its first capture, it took a lot of patients, the curse of the twelve and several beers. 

Fortunately, we had a thunderstorm that night. She lets the things alright. However, she was a little worried, but she did not move and did not destroy the house. 

An added feature is that they make it more affordable. The storm makes my dog look as sweet and loving as it is.


  • It keeps your dog calm during thunderstorms.
  • ThunderShirt provides comfort through a calming wrap.
  • Reduce signs of travel anxiety.
  • The XX-Small size fits most dogs less than 7 pounds.

  • It didn’t work all the time correctly on anxiety.

What to Consider before Buying a Harness for Small dogs

Don’t know what to look for when buying a Small dog harness? Here are a few qualities you have to find in a harness for Small dogs. Before buying a product from this best small dog harness review, consider the following things.

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Eliminate pressure on the neck

Small dogs don’t have too many neck muscles and are prone to tracheal illness. So, you should wear a belt that distributes your dog’s weight around the neck. Thus, the belt tension will not harm your pup’s airways.

Proper ventilation

Small dogs can have sensitive skin, especially short-haired small dogs. So, we advise a soft and full belt with adequate ventilation to make your dog comfy in hot weather. 

Excellent adaptability

Adaptability is essential for small dogs, as they are usually tiny and have a unique body shape. You need a belt that can be easily adjusted to fit your dog correctly. Also, it prevents leakage, chewing on the wiring harness, rubbing the skin, and more.

Reflective elements

A reflective belt makes your puppy more visible in low light conditions, such as walking in the morning or evening. Also, it increases your dog’s safety and allows others to see you and your dog quickly.

Elastic Ring

A flexible ring is attached to the wiring harness and helps your dog stand on its side when you try to escape. They are convenient for training your Small dogs, so you don’t need to take it off. If your dog has a traction problem, a stretchy harness is a good investment. 

If you manage to find a Small dogs strap with all the functions listed above, you can definitely keep your furry friend secure, happy, and cheering every time the dog walks in its new belt! So, keep them on your memory.

Different Kinds of Dog Harnesses for Your Small Dogs

Various types of the harness are out there. Not everything is suitable for all races, and some seem silly to others. 

We reviewed the best harness options for Small dogs in the section above. But if you are still looking for these types of harness, you can read on the Internet.

Dog Harness Vest

Vest harness usually is the most comfortable to use and, as a rule, the most affordable. They often contain nylon or mesh fabrics; they are soft and light. 

Also, they are often worn over the head and are easily adjustable. The leash lies at the back and is an excellent general walking area, especially for dogs that are new to straps or dogs that do not pull.

Back or front clip Harness

Trainer often recommended these harnesses. In fact, these harnesses are safe and durable and can help your dog if she is a sniper. There are different shapes of this strapless belt. 

A popular option is a strap with a D-ring (belt attachment point) in front and back. Using a double-sided training harness helps the dog and provides the best control and training method when they begin to pull while walking.

Control Harness

We do not recommend them, and it is better to leave them to experienced trainers. However, they tend to tighten when your pup draws the leash. Although this can improve your dog’s abnormal behavior, it can cause trouble in an amateur’s hands.

Leather Harnesses

It may look simple that a leather belt simply comes from leather. You should keep in mind that they may not be just a fashion affirmation. If you are watching for anything practical, think about what reduces vibration and helps your puppy’s exercise.

Different Harness Materials for Small dogs

Want to know what types of materials are common to make a harness for Small dogs? Here is a brief overview of what to expect from the most stylish straps on the market.  In fact, the best dog harness for small dogs contains those valuable materials.


One of the most popular choices for dog belts is nylon. That’s because it is a waterproof, durable, and easy to clean synthetic fabric. Also, it provides proper breathing and ventilation.


Polyester is another synthetic material and has the same properties as nylon. As a rule, it is not so smooth, but has higher water resistance and is extremely repellent to abrasion and wear. 


The mesh has usually made of nylon or polyester and provides comfort, breathability, and stretch ability. And therefore, makes it an excellent choice for dog belts, especially for small breeds that cannot pull too much.


You can use cotton only for dog straps or mixed with nylon or polyester. If your puppy has tender skin, cotton may be the right choice as it is not a synthetic fabric.


Neoprene is incredibly soft and adapts to your dog’s body shape. This synthetic rubber has added extra lining and comfort to small dog’s belts


Another common material in dog belts is leather. However, it is powerful and long-lasting. But they are quite heavy and expensive. 

So it has mainly used in large racing belts. Smaller breeds are generally better with a fabric strap. 

How to Scale Your Small dogs for Harness

For full instruction on measuring each breed for a dog leash, please read our complete guide. In short, to wear the perfect strap for a Small dog, here are the steps you need to take:

Start measuring your dog’s chest

Take a measuring tape and find most of your puppy’s chest. In fact, it is a few inches or several fingers from the back of your puppy’s front legs. Encase the tape and record the measurement results. Now, you have the chest size of your puppy compared to measurements from harness manufacturers.

Add a few inches to the whole

It would be best if you did not let the belt to be too tight, and you also want to leave room for growth and slight gain of the weight. Adjusting a few inches gives you versatility and adjustable harness. 

Estimate the edge of your puppy’s neck

Not all belts require you to pass by. So it’s vital to measure your dog’s neck to ensure your dog’s head fits comfortably and that you can remove the braid without pulling it. Thus, it should not be too loose. Otherwise, your dog may run away.

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Profits of Adopting a Harness for Small dogs

Ease and security are paramount when choosing a leash for your dog. However, it is best to wear a strap when hiking in a Small dog instead of a standard harness and collar. Below we explain why this is happening.

Small dogs are inclined to tracheal illness

Small dogs, especially Small dogs, are prone to tracheal collapse problems. If you ever walked on a leash and collar with your pet, you may have noticed that they begin to cough when they pull on the leash. In fact, it’s because the collar stretches the neck and trachea. Correct strap softens the throat and neck of your Small dogs, which is very crucial for small pups.

A harness is safe

Walking with Small dogs on a harness is safer than wearing a conventional leash and collar. Small dogs can quickly get out of the collar, mainly if they panic and attempt to leave. The belt holds your pet securely in your hand so that you can avoid possible damage.

Help Your Small dogs in the Cold

If you dwell somewhere with snowy winters and cold weather, the harness can warm your sensitive puppy. Some straps have come out with extra padding for rude climates. Since the Small dogs quickly ages, a quality belt can help in these cold winter months.

How to Make Your Small dogs Used to a Harness

Small dogs are scary dog when something new begins to appear. If you have a puppy or an adult Small dog who has never worn a leash, you need to help it adapt. Follow these tips to make sure your Small dogs goes smoothly into a stroller for walks and other exciting tours.

Positive reinforcement training

It is the key to getting your pet adapted to a new belt. This training method for dogs is about treating and praising your dog for its positive behavior. You have many delicacies on hand when you are ready to equip your Small dogs with new accessories.

Nevermore push the issue

Practice should be fun, not stressful. If a Small dogs is afraid of you, let it gently warm up in due time. Lay the harness on the floor. 

Please keep it to smell. When a Small dogs approaches a leash, take care of this. And if you need a break in training, that’s fine!

Be Tolerant

It can be challenging to train a dog, and the same thing can happen about your Small dogs getting to know its dog’s leash. Just be calm and keep trying positive reinforcement. Speeding up a problem when they are afraid will only increase fear.

Don’t Be Rough

Once you have the strap in your Small dogs, let it wear around the house for several minutes at a time. Be sure to treat them the way they feel in your body. 

Keep Walking with Your Dog

When your puppy feels cozy with a leash, start taking short walks, and slowly take regular steps and other activities. Like everyone else, the exercises are perfect for your pet!


How do I choose the appropriate size harness for my Small dogs?

After you have chosen a suitable harness for your dog, the next step is to find the appropriate size. We have created a separate guide for selecting the right size and adjusting the belt. The size chart on each product page is also useful for determining the right size for your dog. Also, measure the chest girth and neck girth of your puppy before purchasing.

What is the best harness for a Chihuahua?

There are lots of brand out there. But from my opinion the best harness for a teacup Small dogs are:
Voyager Harness for Small Dogs.
Slow Ton Small Dog Harness.
BINGPET Pet Walking Vest.
Eco Bark Adjustable Pet Vest.
Thunder shirt Classic Dog Jacket.

Do small dogs need harnesses?

If you have an energetic or colossal dog, the leash gives you much better control and makes your arms and back more comfortable. Small dogs can be vulnerable when towing or pulling a strap. The belt distributes pressure in no small part of the body, reducing stress on the back and neck.

What is the best harness for small dogs?

A harness helps a small dog for easy controlling and reduces the chances of neck pressure. There are various brands out there. Among them the bests are:
Chai’s Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness.
Gooby Small Dog Harness.
PoyPet Small to Large Dog Harness.
Gooby Trekking Harness.
Voyager Harness for Small Dogs.
Slow Ton Small Dog Harness.
BINGPET Pet Walking Vest.
Eco Bark Adjustable Pet Vest.
Thunder shirt Classic Dog Jacket.

Try out any one of them. In fact, they will fulfil your needs for sure.

Final Verdict

Small dogs are small but cute dogs. Their natures often exceed their height and become one of the most popular dog breeds in America. Also, their loyalty to them makes them a great companion, regardless of whether you are single or have a large family. 

Small dogs quickly adapt to any situation while they are with their people. We hope that the above guide was helpful and gave you an overview of the various options on the market, as well as a lot of information on picking the best dog harness for small dogs. Even if you have never bought a small dog’s leash, you have all the information you need to make the right decision. 

Be sure to save your purchase receipt if you need to change the braid to a different size or style. It is also a great idea to have labels or packaging. Even notice the small dogs on the belt to make sure it does not irritate the skin and does not restrict movement.