Best Dog Treats for Yorkies (Adult & Puppy)

best dog treats for Yorkies

Yorkies Terriers are usually very demanding dogs when it comes to eating. It is not convenient to feed them with only homemade food since this breed is very energetic and needs a series of specific nutrients. Luckily, several brands have the best dog treats for Yorkies taking care of each ingredient to make a perfect snack. But you may wonder how to find them?

Editor’s Pick: Top 5 Best Treats for Yorkies

Rest assured, in today’s article, we give you some tips to help you reduce your doubts and go directly to the type of snacks that best suit your pet’s optimal nutrition. Keep reading! Here are some suggestions on the best treats for Yorkies.

Milk-Bone: Best Healthy Treats for Yorkies

Best Healthy Treats for Yorkies

We start the list of Best Dog Treats for Yorkies with this box of dog snacks. We are talking about a practical snack box with bone marrow. It offers tasty and crunchy bites, perfect as a reward during dog training, or for any time of the day.

The box can be opened and closed as many times as you like. The brand recommends keeping these treats inside the box. In this way, the snacks will be kept fresh, as well as tender.

ideal for all races. It is made with real bone marrows, which, together with probiotics and calcium, help the development of your dog’s muscles, teeth and bones. Besides, it has extra vitamins and minerals to give more energy to your Yorkies. Its label is clear, and each container gives you more than 1 kg of feed, food for longer.

They do not have any type of added sugar, preservatives or color, so they are considered completely respectful for the animal’s health.

Milk-Bone is a brand that has been on the market for a long time. In this brand, the client and their dogs can trust, knowing that their products pass all the appropriate security controls.

Treats Qualities

  • Very appetizing.
  • Very digestible.
  • Excellent stool quality.
  • Helps in building muscle and bone.

  • Being very smaller bites, dogs usually tend to swallow them instead of chewing.

Nylabone Healthy Edibles: Best Treats for Yorkies

Best Treats for Yorkies

We continue our list with this Nylabone Healthy Edibles All-Natural Long-Lasting Roast Beef and Chicken Chew Treats. This tasty treat is an ideal feed for small or mini breeds and adult pets, including your favorite Yorkies. It is a 100% nutritious and balanced dog food, made from chicken or roast beef.

The tasty Nylabone beef pressed bones to complete your best friend’s daily diet in an optimal way. The chewing bones are low in fat and 100% made from beef or chicken; ensure long-lasting entertainment for the dog. Besides, this snack promotes dental hygiene in a completely natural way.

Free of flavors, dyes and preservatives, they are an ideal delicacy to be given as a snack. Gnawing and nibbling are every dog’s daily activities. Nylabone Healthy Edibles encourage this primordial instinct and offer a wide and varied choice of natural chewing snacks: fun to chew on, which your dog will never have enough!

Nylabone always excites dogs with the right snack: whether it is given to the dog as a reward, to provide him with a hobby, to meet specific needs or simply to make him happy!

Treats Qualities

  • Easy to digest; improves the intestinal condition.
  • No added salt, artificial preservatives or colors.
  • Adapts to the jaw of your pet, offering optimal digestion.
  • Contains nutrients for a healthy and shiny coat.

  • It would be great if it lasts a little longer.

 Purina Alpo Tbonz Filet: Good Dog Treats for Yorkies

Good Dog Treats for Yorkies

Next, we have Purina Alpo Tbonz Filet for your loving Yorkies. The natural nutrition of the carnivorous dog is at the center of Purina’sphilosophy. Therefore, Purina Snacks are exclusively attentive to the ingredients they add.

Thanks to the special mix of components, these snacks have a delicate consistency and high protein content. The snacks are made with an accurate and delicate procedure, so the numerous nutrients and the naturally intense taste remain unchanged. This irresistible taste experience guarantees a very high palatability.

The tasty Chewy mini T-bones are excellent: with this reward, your friend will certainly be happier to train! Due to their size, they can be administered whole or chopped. Thanks to their soft consistency, you can easily divide them.

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A pleasure for the palate with meat flavor, which will surely make your amigo happy! The little chewing bites are available in several yummy variations – a delicious and sugar-free reward!

Treats Qualities

  • Very high protein intake.
  • Ideal as a snack – reward.
  • Optimal palatability and tolerability.
  • Natural and intense taste.

  • For some customers, the smell seems a little odd.

Greenies Original: Best Training Treats for Yorkies

Daily oral hygiene care is essential for dogs. Greenies Original Teenie Natural Dental Dog Treats is the snack for the hygiene of the teeth and gums. In addition, the combination of natural ingredients and vitamins reduces the bacteria producing VSC (volatile sulfur compounds) responsible for halitosis. Also, this fantastic treat guarantees fresh breath.

It is scientifically proven that Greenies Original snacks administered daily can reduce the formation of tartar by up to 80%. Thanks to the combination of their special composition, they activate the cleansing process.

Greenies Original Teenie Natural Dental Dog snacks are very digestible and leave no residue. In addition, it is ​​so tasty that the dog will not leave even a crumb of it! The extraordinary bites give the dog a truly delicious pastime and make the furball really appreciate these. Free of flavors and preservatives, Greenies is the ideal one to be given as a snack.

These Functional chewing bones have a positive effect on Fido’s health. They also have a really delicious taste! Completed by a tasty filling, they will soon become your dog’s favorite delicacies!

Treats Qualities

  • Healthy reward to be given as a snack.
  • Dental hygiene and chewing pleasure in one snack.
  • Very palatable thanks to the tasty filling.
  • Free of flavors and preservatives.

Pet ‘N Shape Chicken Hide Twists: Dog Treats For Yorkies

Training Treats for Yorkies

And we finish with these dog treats with this Pet ‘N Shape brand product. It comes in a half kilos format and has chicken meat, raw leather, vegetable proteins, glycerin, sorbitol, salt and protein around 60%.

The shape of this dog snack is presented in joints that will allow the dog to be entertained while caring for its teeth and gums. Each snack size is about 5” and it calculates that there are between 30 and 35 sticks in each bag.

It is famous for its rich flavor. Its formula generates in your dog an ideal digestion since it helps a good intestinal transit. Your dog will be able to deposit his feces without any difficulty. In addition, lifting complete feces will be very easy, as they will be firm. It provides your dog with prebiotics and omegas; this ensures you a high-quality treat in one.

Dog owners who have decided on these treats indicate that it is a durable product. It really deserves to pay what they cost. Also, dogs like it a lot, and it helps to strengthen their teeth.

Treats Qualities

  • Adapted to canine nature.
  • Without cereals or gluten.
  • Improve metabolism.
  • Strengthen the immune system.

  • Considering the price, the amount could be more.

Let’s Learn A Little More about Yorkies or the Yorkshire terrier Dogs

The Yorkies are small dogs but full of energy! Yorkies are a friendly, intelligent dog, faithful to its master and very protective of their family. Therefore, they are usually very barking dogs, especially in front of strangers. They are perfect for living in small flats, but, like all dogs, they must perform daily exercise according to their need to stay healthy. 

They are dogs that need to receive a correct education and a series of special care, particularly in their long and silky hair. There are also several common diseases in Yorkies.

Their digestive system is usually very delicate. Vomiting and diarrhoea can appear, often due to poor diet. Oral conditions and periodontal diseases are also frequent from a very early age, such as the accumulation of tartar accompanied by gingivitis. These can lead to the loss of teeth.

Its bones are fragile, so fractures and diseases of the musculoskeletal system are frequent. They are also prone to problems in the spine, such as herniated discs.

They are very long-lived dogs. So, it is common that eye problems appear when they reach an advanced age, such as cataracts or progressive retinal atrophy.

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These diseases will not be a great concern if you meet your dog’s needs, providing adequate food and timely veterinary care.

Yorkies are dogs that need a lot of attention from their owner because they are usually very close to them. Well-groomed Yorkies will enjoy excellent health and will be a tremendously happy dog that will spread its joy to all family members.

When Do You Give Your Yorkies Snacks?

If you have tried so many ways to train up your little kid then you must forget one simple hacks. You need to train your or teach your pet by rewarding it. So, once it will come to know it is being rewarded for this behavior, then it will fix in its nature. So, the reward usually comes from giving amazing bites of snacks, and cuddle it.

You can give your dog a snack from time to time, but don’t overdo it so that the snack doesn’t replace his diet.

A Yorkie naturally has the urge to bite onto something; especially young dogs are looking for things they can chew on. So, it is recommended that you give your dog something to chew on a regular basis. For example, a chew bone or a toy he likes and can snack on as dog treats for Yorkies. Moreover, it’s also good for his teeth. Puppies, in particular, like to chew something when they change their teeth and also experiment.

How to Choose the Best Dog Treats for Yorkies

Each dog is unique, which means that its nutritional needs will vary depending on its breed, size, age and one more factor, its state of health. These characteristics are the pillars for choosing the best dog treats for Yorkies.

That is why there are different types of feed and treats. For example, if your dog has a food allergy, opt for a hypoallergenic feed. If you feel bad about grains, find one without grains.

The same happens with race or age. There are feeds destined for each moment of life: puppy, young and senior, and formulated for a specific breed’s peculiarities or even if it is mixed-breed.

To get rid of doubts, always consult your vet. With the veterinary check-ups’ information, he will know what he needs and how you should feed your friend.

Below you will see these factors or filters of choice, in more details:

According to race, size and age

To choose well, you must consider the characteristics of the primary dog ​​these are:

  • The race
  • The size (mini or small, medium, large and giant breeds)
  • Age (puppy, junior, adult, senior)

It is common sense to think that a dachshund does not need the same as a Yorkshire terrier. Therefore, these three points must be taken into account.

These factors will already limit the choice of available brands, and you will go to a smaller group of options. Next step!

If necessary, choose a functional snack

It should be added that there are specific recipes or reinforced formulas that are designed to fulfill a function for dogs with a specific requirement to improve their health:

  • Allergies (Made for sensitive dogs)
  • Joint reinforcement (With nutrients that protect the joints)
  • Weight control (To keep overweight at bay)
  • Digestive (For dogs with digestive problems)
  • Spayed (Designed for neutered dogs)
  • Hair and skin (To nourish especially hair and skin)
  • Urinal (For dogs with kidney problems)

In your veterinary clinic, experts will help you to go towards one selection or another of feed. Ask them if you have any questions!

Select the type of good dog treats for Yorkies

The following classification can help you to specify the best option for your dog. The feed groups are as follows:

  • Veterinary diets (Designed for dogs with mild health problems)
  • Natural feed (No added additives)
  • Hypoallergenic (No allergenic ingredients for sensitive dogs)
  • Without cereals (Recipe without these ingredients: wheat, barley, rye…)
  • Gluten-free (Recipe without this protein)
  • Rich in proteins (Formula with a higher percentage of protein)
  • Without cereals or gluten (Without these ingredients)

Taste matters

Your Yorkie also has something to say! You must pay attention to what he likes and what he does not like, or what suits him best. The taste is essential; they should also enjoy snack time and smack their snouts.

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Best Training Treats for Yorkies with Allergy problems

Do not know if your dog has an allergy or intolerance? The licking excessively paws, scratching, vomiting, or diarrhea can be signs that your dog may need a specific feed. But in a matter of health, you should make an appointment with the vet and let yourself be advised by a professional.

As a last tip, don’t forget to always read the dog food labels before buying and get familiar with the food packaging words. It will be beneficial for you!

Tips: When to Providing Dog Treats for Yorkies

The smallest of the house are usually the most pampered and the greediest. It is easy for us to get carried away by their cuteness when it comes to asking for more food. But we must not fall into the mistake of spoiling Yorkies and entertaining them with sweets and treats; Especially when they are not specific to dogs for various reasons:

  • They have a strong tendency to accumulate tartar on their teeth, so it is necessary to emphasize feeding them with dry snacks.
  • Tartar usually leads to bad breath; with dry ones, we avoid this too.
  • They can also suffer digestive problems or food deficit; it is preferable to feed them correctly to avoid an urgent exit to the vet.
  • Controlling the amount of food, you eat will also control the possible overweight problems that can lead to an absolute lack of food.

Frequently Asked Questions  

What are good treats for Yorkies?

We enlist 5 different good treats for your lovely Yorkies and those are:
Milk-Bone: Best Healthy Treats for Yorkies.
Nylabone Healthy Edibles: Best Treats For Yorkies.
Purina Alpo Tbonz Filet: Good Dog Treats for Yorkies.
Greenies Original: Best Training Treats for Yorkies
Pet ‘N Shape Chicken Hide Twists: Dog Treats For Yorkies

How Often Should I Walk My Yorkie?

According to experts, at least one time a day would be enough for a Yorker.
Try to make the rides last at least 15-20 min. If it is not possible during the day due to work, you can snatch them for 5 minutes. Then at night, take a pleasant walk with your dog. It sure suits both of you very well.

What Should I Not Feed My Yorkie?

Listed below are foods that are best not to give to dogs.
Prawns, Popcorn, Almonds, Celery, Cherries, Pepper, Corn or marshmallow.
Finally, the following foods are totally prohibited since they can be toxic for our best friends. This list shows the
Nuts, Onions, Garlic, Avocados, Grapes, Jelly beans, Beer, Granada, Chocolate or, Peanuts.

How Often Should You Bathe a Yorkie?

It will depend on the lifestyle, size, breed or type of coat of the animal. Usually small dogs like Chihuahua, Maltese, Yorkshire, Shih Tzu, can bathe every one or two weeks. If they are long-haired, the more baths, the better the hair. Because, good products will help nourish and hydrate the skin.

What are Yorkies Favorite Food?

Yorkshires are a bit demanding in terms of food, which is why they are considered a difficult breed to satisfy and that requires a lot of care.
They are overly fond of kibbles that promote proper digestion. Yorkshire may have difficulty digesting its ration. This is why try to favor croquettes with good protein content, and therefore in meat.

Final Verdict

Best dog treats for Yorkies means include with variety of treat flavors. That said, you can groom your hard-working Yorkie with training session. Different choices come with different flavors, and we showed up the best of them. What we recommend is to avoid such things like which tossed with by-products ingredients. The treat should be hanging in fiber gatherings so your kid will remain full for all day long.

In the round up of Yorkie’s treat selection, you need to make up your own mind, depending on your dog savor & cravings. Here we believe find some great choices, now time comes up to choose yours, cheers!