Best Harness for Chihuahua Dogs and Puppies

best harness for Chihuahua

Chihuahua is a tiny breed but still it requires harness when you go outside and have a walk alongside your pooch. The best harness for Chihuahua will comes with plenty of features and it will ease to finish the training session once you own it.

Ironically, this dog may look tiny but still it is pro-active. Don’t underestimate the six pounds dog at all because when it will be gone in a sec. This is why you should equip it with the harness and control it. Don’t believe only cheap collars will be okay with it rather this mighty protector should tie up with harness

Keeping this in mind, we are going to educate you on how to buy a harness for your dog. Also, we will show you some best harness lineup so you can jumpstart choosing the right one right away.

Top 5 Best Harness for Chihuahua

Not all harness comes to fit so you must look for some special Chihuahua harness hitch will be available in different colors and size, easy to wear as an outfit, breathable, and many other features. Here are some of the great Harness for Chihuahua. 

Voyager Step in- Overall Best Harness for Chihuahua

Harness for Chihuahua

If you are looking for the best overall Harness for Adventurous Chihuahua then we must bring forth this breathable harness to you. The especially of this harness is to have the extensive size and versatile colorful design. 

We’ve outsmarts in the innovation of mesh material which is effectively breathable and lightweight. Hence, your dog will stroll around you wag its tail to show you the pleasure. This amazing outfit made with three safety features like it has hoop and loop fastener along with D-rings. So, if you want to protect your kid from the three layers of safety this is for you. 

If you don’t want to lose your pouch or easily trace it out even it crosses hundreds of yards away then the reflective bands located at the side will ensure to locate it. A great visibility band indeed for your pet. 


  • Available Harness in any size with different vivid colours.
  • Facilitate with three safety features treat as the great fastener.
  • Easy to wear simple process like a step in, clip it and fit.
  • At sidelines two reflective bands will keep your dog under tracking.

SlowTon Chihuahua Dog Harness

Chihuahua Harness

If you’re the owner of a small dog, then the SlowTon No Pull Small Dog Harness will ensure the maximum comfort and safety which your puppy needs. This harness has a quick fit design with both neck and chest adjustable facility. So, your puppy’s pulling tendency will lessen simultaneously it can breathe in a comfortable way.

Skin irritation or chafing will create lots of havoc to your little puppy. So, as a solution, this harness brings soft flannelette material which is wrapped both neck and back strap. 

Moreover, this nice outfit provides you with an O-ring hook lies on the back. Also, you get a 4ft long leash which is nylon made with a bungee strap. This leash makes you tension free by reducing pulling shock and also keep safe from possible pulling related injuries. 

A little puppy is little enough to hide in a little bush in the darkness. So, for the safety, here you find reflective stitching on the straps which make your puppy visible in the dark. 


  • Abate the pulling tendency.
  • Perfectly fit at chest and neck.
  • The bungee strap ensures reducing pulling shock and related injuries.
  • The straps with reflective stitching provide good surveillance in dark.

  • The leash may little enough for the tall person.

BINGPET Soft Mesh Harness for Chihuahuas

Dog Harness

This stylish soft-mesh harness for your little pups is made from 100% polyester material. Breathable air mesh innovatively designs to put all the effort into perfect air ventilation. 

The adjustable buckle is custom-oriented and thus it variably fits on any size of your dog. Furthermore, the buckles tightly fix along the D-ring however, your pooch feel comfort

You find a sturdy D-ring metal leash attachment which will ensure good control over your puppy.  To add additional happiness, it comes with six different colors with a nice logo, so you could easily find your favorite one. 

EcoBark Step in-Suitable Harness for Chihuahua

This lovely dog harness from EcoBark is perfect for the teacup breeds (weighing 2 to 5 pounds). The double-layered mesh is used as its fabric to make it long-lasting. Interestingly, Ecobark uses plant friendly​ materials like recycled water bottles to make this harness strap. So, use one of these products means clean some dangerous substances from this earth. 

The five different sizes with a specialized buckle of this harness help to fit strongly with your puppy.  So, your puppy has no fear of slip during the walking. Here the double padded vest is specially designed for no pull, no choke, and also breathable. This lovely outfit has 2 D-ring metal leash attachment lies on the back.

If you don’t want your little puppy getting hurt from the strap rubbing against their leg then the custom stitched cover is used as protection. Lastly, you have the option to pick your favorite color from its 5 different colors.


  • Ease to put on.
  • 2 D-ring metal leash attachment provides good control.
  • Easy to adjust with a specialized buckle.
  • Available size with distinct colors.

  • The halter adjusts around the chest slightly instead of the neck.

Thundershirt Drug-Free Jacket For chihuahua

best harness for Chihuahua

An adjustable dog jacket from Thundershirt design to keep your puppy clam in a drug-free way. As you know that dogs become so excited during fireworks, thunder, travel, and in many more situations.

This jacket applies gentle pressure around the dog’s torso that will help to release a calming hormone like endorphins to keep the dog clam. 

The manufacturer acquired 80% success at helping millions of dogs so, thousands of vets and trainers suggest using it. You can easily put on this jacket by only laying over the dog’s back and fasten with the Velcro. Thundershirt brings 7 different sizes of this outfit so, you have the option to pick an adjusted one.


  • Keep your puppy calm in any kind of situation.
  • Ease to put on by only fasten the Velcro.
  • Available size to fit nicely.
  • It helps to keep you puppy drug-free.

  • It comes with only one color.

The buying guide of harness for Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are also known as a toy dog or lapdog breeds and also the most popular breeds among the dog lover. For their loyalty, they become great family pets and a perfect companion to anyone. You will find the Chihuahuas has an adapting mentality to any situation. 

Recently, the teacup Chihuahua has become so much popular which can fit in a cup during puppyhood. Here a teacup Chihuahua’s adult breed could weigh around 4 pounds (2 kg), or even less and the height may reach 6 inches (15 centimeters) tall. 

So, to control this nice puppy, you need a nice harness too which offers safety at the same time comfortable to wear.

Positive & Negative sides in the Chihuahua behavior

As an owner, you need to look at their behavior before choosing the harness. Chihuahuas are so much popular for their attitudes like comical, entertaining, expressive, and also loyal. Apart from those, you will also see some negative sides in their behavior. From this section, you can understand those.

                   Positive Side                 Negative side
Very loyal Physically weak so require much supervision and monitoring.
A perfect companion to anyone. Low ability to tolerate cold and also hot weather.
So much fun and entertaining lover. Can’t stay alone.
Doesn’t require much exercise.  It has a fame for shaking and becomes nervous more than other breeds.
Having quick adaptability to any situation.  
Easy to groom.  
Kids friendly.  

Why Harness is good for a Chihuahua

Here a question will come to you like what will give perfect control over a Chihuahua either a collar or a harness. Here the answer is harness is a far better option for the Chihuahua. Let’s see what reason lies behind this.

When it comes to the dog, especially the toy dog or lap dog breeds, they have a tendency to pull when you put on a collar. This tendency might cause multiple problems to the owner, like—-

  • Firstly, people don’t find pleasant while walking with their chihuahua because it has an acute pulling tendency when attaches with the collar.
  • The second point is when a puppy wears a collar, they will feel discomfort when they want to give pulling. This may negatively impact their pulling behavior like in order to pull more the dog insists to escape from the collar.
  • This third point may be most important for you because you know that when a puppy tries to pull but find a barrier then it may put pressure on the dog’s throat. If your puppy wears a collar then it will create more pressure on the throat and eventually it may cause suffocation.
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Some health issues will discourage you to use the collar, like—

  • If your dog is suffering from the tracheal collapse then a harness will assist here significantly while the collar is completely unsuitable to use.
  • If your Chihuahuas have pulmonic stenosis (restricts blood flow to and from the heart) problem then it may cause difficulty in breathing. Here a suitable harness size for Chihuahua will place less pressure on the throat that will reduce strain during walking.

Types of Harness for Chihuahua

When you are looking for the Chihuahua harness then you will find several types available in the market. Your puppy will not fit with all types and some seem silly in the owner’s eyes.

Here we try to bring some of the popular along with the best type harness for Chihuahua in the below section. 

Vest harness Well-known for the small type of dogs.
Design to easily put on and take off through a single buckle.
Made from nylon or polyester mesh fabric to ensure comfy and breathability.
The attachment point lies in the rear.
                   Walking harnesses Easy to use for the strap-based design with quick-release plastic buckles.
Lightweight and use minimal padding for quick, everyday walks.
Car harnesses Strong nylon and metal hardware are used to attach the dog with the seat belt.
Front clip or back clip harness Also known as a no-pull harness.Generally, use D-ring leash attachment point at both the chest (front) and top(back).
Offers better control over the dog.Perfect while giving training.  
  Hiking harnesses Here the padding is soft and the fabric is well ventilated.
Also, use a good handle and reflective materials for safety measures.

Types of used material in Chihuahua’s Harness

From this section, you can understand the several types of material or fabrics which are used to make the harnesses for Chihuahua. We hope that it will help you while choosing the right harness.


This material is widely popular and common use material in the dog harness. Nylon is a synthetic fabric and is popular for its durability, waterproof, and easy to clean characteristics. Also, you will find good breathability and ventilation from this material.


Another synthetic fabric comes under the name of polyester and the quality is almost the same as nylon. Basically, this material is not soft enough but the water-resistant quality is much better.


When your puppy has sensitive skin and vulnerable to occur skin problems, then the cotton fabric will provide you a nice solution. Basically, cotton is not a synthetic fabric and it can use either alone or blended with nylon or polyester in the dog harness.


Usually made of nylon or polyester fabrics, this type of material is used to ensure comfy, breathability, and also stretch. So, it is a good choice among small dog owners.


This material offers strong and durability of the harness and is generally used for the large breed. As it is quite heavy and expensive, so it’s used is not widely seen as the used material in the dog harness. 


This material is one kind of synthetic rubber and it offers extreme softness and easily fits with your dog body. Sometimes, here use extra padding to ensure more comfort in the harness for Chihuahua’s type breeds.

How to measure the Harness size for Chihuahua?

As you know, it is more important to perfectly adjust the harness with Chihuahuas because loss fitting may let them escape and fall in injury. Generally, the small Chihuahua’s neck is about 29-35cm and the adult one has a chest size of nearly 36-50cm. But all are not the same size, so you need to carefully find out the puppy’s exact size.

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Let’s take a look at the quick summary on how to perfectly find out the Chihuahua harness size, here the steps you may grab:

Step1. Take a tape and measure around your Chi’s chest which is just behind the front leg.

Step2. Take the measurement of the round of your Chi’s neck (normal collar position).

Step3. Measure the withers (the ridge between the shoulder blades of the animal) of your Chihuahua.

Step4. Lastly, take the measurement from under the neck (collar) to between the leg or chest strap.

Most importantly, you need to give more importance to measure the dog’s neck size, especially which has a trachea problem. Don’t worry, you will see many harnesses that come with multiple sizes, so try to choose those and carefully check your chi’s size with the manufacturers given chart.

Things to consider while choosing the Best Harness for Chihuahua

There are some certain things need to opt for when you will purchase a harness for your dog, so what are they? Well, here below you will get to know by heart.

Choose no-pull design harness

When it comes to the dog especially the Chihuahua, they have a tendency to pull more and this behavior may cause serious neck and shoulder injury.  So, try to pick the no-pull harness for your Chihuahua. You may choose a quick fit design with both neck and chest adjusted. In addition, a bungee strap leash will make you tension free by reducing pulling shock so, you can consider this.

Neck Pressure

As a Chihuahua owner, you may notice that this dog has not enough neck muscle so, it is vulnerable to tracheal collapse. This is why, while choosing a harness you should ensure that the harness spread the dog’s weight away from its neck. Therefore, your dog’s airway is safe from the tugging and pulling on the leash. You can find a solution to the harness that has easy and customize fittings features. 

Ensure good padding and ventilation

Though the Chihuahua’s skin is so much sensitive especially the short-haired, so you need to use soft and padded and also good ventilation rich harness. Here you can choose air mesh fabric which ensures good air circulation and give you puppy a comfy feeling in warm weather.

Ensure good adjustability

Adjustability is considered as very important for the chihuahua due to their small, and unique body shape. You need to keep in mind that if the harness is not perfectly fit with your dog then the dog can easily escape from, chew the harness straps, or rub on the skin. You may choose the harness which has an easily adjustable facility with custom stitched cover.

Having Reflective materials

Chihuahua is a little breed that is little enough to hide in a little bush in the darkness. So, for safety, here you should choose a reflective harness which makes your puppy visible in the dark. Here the suggestion is to find out the harness with reflective stitching on the straps.


Generally, a Chihuahua owner wants to put on a stylish outfit to their lovely pet.  You will see many harnesses that come with multiple colors and nice design. But whatever you choose for your little pet make sure that it does not put any pressure around the neck. Don’t worry, our selected harness offers you such a pressure-free mechanism.

FAQs on Chihuahua Harness

How do I choose the appropriate size harness for my Chihuahua?

To find out the perfect size harness for Chihuahua, you need to measure the chi’s size at first, below we show you the measuring way.
Firstly, measure around Chi’s chest.
Secondly, take the measurement of the round of your Chi’s neck.
Thirdly, measure the withers of your Chihuahua.
Finally, take the measurement from under the neck to between the leg.

What is the best harness for a teacup Chihuahua?

Not all harness comes to fit so you must look for something special. Here you find those harness that has different colors and sizes, easy to wear, breathable, and many other features. Those are–
Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness.
SlowTon No Pull Small Dog Harness.
BINGPET Soft Mesh Dog Harness.
EcoBark Step in Dog Harness.
Thundershirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket.

What is a Teacup Chihuahua?

A teacup Chihuahua is the most popular dog breeds for millennia and it can fit in a cup during puppyhood. For their loyalty, they become great family pets and a perfect companion to anyone. Here a teacup Chihuahua’s adult breed could weigh around 4 pounds (2 kg), or even less and height may reach 6 inches (15 centimeters) tall.

Why do Chihuahuas shake?

Chihuahuas has a fame for shaking and become nervous more than other breeds. Some reason lies behind this tendency, you can check out those from below.
If they catch a cold.
The frightening or anxious situation leads them to do this behavior.
When it becomes so exciting then starts shaking.
Health problems like Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar) and Allergic Reaction.

Round Up

If you are the owner of a puppy, teacup Chihuahua or an adult Chi- we hope that this article will help in choosing the best harness for Chihuahua. 

Perhaps it seems that this tiny breed feels comfortable with the collar because of less covered areas but the real fact is totally different. So, you have to consider a harness for your miniature pet due to its immense benefits than the collar. Here the well-designed and well-adjusted harness will offer comfortable and have less possibility to escape from.