Best Harness for Dachshund Dog Breeds

Best Harness for Dachshund

Dachshunds are also known as “Weiner Dogs” as fun. This clearly indicates that their looks are a bit different than other dogs. They own a large chest, a long back, and strong little legs that help them to dig holes and run after the fierce badger for passing time. The keel on their chest, which is more visible in Dachshund than other dogs, makes it difficult to choose the best harness for Dachshund. But, don’t worry we will help you with that in this article.

Though many dog owners like to use a collar yet today but we highly recommend you to go for a harness as it doesn’t create any pressure on your dachshund’s throat, which leads to neck problems or sometimes tracheal collapse.

Top 5 Best Harness for Dachshund

I am providing you with a short detail of the highly reviewed harnesses. From the list, choosing the best dog harness for dachshund will be easier for you.

SPORN No Pull Mesh Dog Harness

Dog Harness

For over 20 years, dog owners all over the world have discovered how great a walk can be using SPORN no pull products. Now, SPORN has introduced its newest and most functional harness, the Mesh non pull harness.

Does your dachshund pull you? This new SPORN mesh harness is the ultimate in control style and comfort for your dog. The elasticized mesh moves as your dog walks and helps the harness to fit like a glove. It is guaranteed to humanely control any sized dachshund from pulling, without choking. The new one-piece design of this dachshund harness is easy on, easy off, and looks great on your pet.

The restrain cord has padded Sherpa sleeves for extra comfort. SPORN Mesh Harness has made choke chains pinch collars and head collars obsolete when it comes to complete control of your work.


  • Very easy to put on and fits like a glove.
  • Provides complete control without compromising with the comfort of your dog.
  • Provides reliable strength with sturdy, durable, premium quality nylon.
  • Gives the utmost safety and helps to humanely control without choking.

  • Doesn’t work well with chewers and sometimes doesn’t stay clenched.

ThinkPet No Pull Dog Harness

Harness for Dachshund

This product may be something where your search for a good harness for dachshund may end. This is something that promises to provide your dog with ultimate safety as well as comfort. This can be proved to be an ideal harness for hiking, hunting, sports, and training.

This adventure sport harness by ThinkPet comes in five sizes and a lot of available colors. The premium quality nylon makes it a durable and escape-proof harness. The buckles that are both adjustable and lockable prevent your dachshund from escaping from the harness. The straps are wide and distribute the pressure evenly, and thus prevent your dog from pulling and choking.

The super thick yet soft and breathable inner layer snugly fits the dog and makes your dog feel secured as well as comfortable. You have better control when the leash is attached to the front clip.


  • The bright fluorescent straps make it very clearly visible.
  • A top handle made of sturdy, durable nylon with comfortable padding.
  • The nylon of 600D high density makes it robust against wear.
  • Sponge inner layer and breathable EVA ensure skin ventilation.

  • There are a few unsatisfied customers who found it not durable.

Harness for Dachshunds by Pretzkin Products

Dachshunds Harness

Your dachshund may struggle to wear a standard harness that is too short for a dachshund. This is because their long body needs special attention. They need a harness that will give a balanced fit and not leave them quite so vulnerable to possible injury.

The choice of harness for Dachshund has been very limited offering little or no back support at all where they need it the most. The standard harness has two straps, one acting as a collar and the second going between the legs and around the back holding the leash. However, your dog may find it very restricting.

The Pretzkin harness added the third strap for their lower back giving them the support that they need. It’s easy to use and clips on and off in seconds. There are no straps behind the paws. Therefore, it gives them a lot more freedom to walk. The leash ring has been moved back to lessen the strain and stress on their neck.


  • The harness is very helpful to give a balanced fit.
  • Adjustable straps so that it will fit even the smallest.
  • It is easily washable even in your washing machine.
  • Very durable and quality nylon is used to make it.

  • Sometimes the dog slips right out of this leash.

ThinkPet Soft Breathable Pet Harness


Dachshunds are difficult to fit in any random harness for their unique body structure. Going for any harness without judging if that would fit your dachshund perfectly may lead to severe discomfort for your dog. Hence, it is very important how you measure a Dachshund harness.

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This ThinkPet soft breathable pet harness addresses this issue with their not one or two but six available sizes. Each size has a different neck and chest size. You can choose any one that matches your dog’s size measurement.

The texture of the harness is lightweight, soft, and breathable. There are no unsecured edges or buckles that may irritate the skin. This harness reduces pulling and tugging and does not choke your dog. Unlike other harnesses that are partially reflective, it is omnidirectional reflective and guarantees safety with great visibility at the dark. The breathable air mesh keeps your dog cool even on hot days.


  • A back D-ring for lead attachment prevents pulling and choking.
  • Soft breathable material is not stuffy for the skin.
  • Safety buckle with adjustable design ensures a custom fit.
  • Reflective bright straps ensure added safety with great visibility.

  • A few customers find it not sturdy enough to buy.

Soft Mesh Dog Harness for Dachshund

At the first glance, you will be very impressed by the quality of this harness by WZPB. It feels very nice and comfortable. It’s made of sturdy, easy to clean, and washable polyester air mesh material. It is very lightweight and really soft to the touch. Which makes this a very perfect harness for any weather, without even hurting your pet a little bit.

The buckle clips are strong and side-release, and hold the straps in their places. These buckle clips and the metal D ring together provides adjustable fit even for the smallest of the breed. It does not matter if your dog is walking, running, hiking, swimming or playing; the soft and breathable mesh material of the harness lets it breathe easily.

It also releases the heat and lets the cool air to enter. This easy to slide on and slide off harness provides the ultimate security and comfort for your dachshund.


  • The durable material ensures ideal security when you are not around.
  • The strong straps withstand pressure, metal D-ring secures the leash.
  • Beautiful choice of size and colors matching your dog’s personality.
  • There is an adjustable chest belt and quick-release buckles.

  • It does not come with a leash.

The buying guide of Harness for Dachshund

The cute, energetic, fun-loving, and cuddly behavior makes Dachshund an excellent family companion. Also, you could find it as a hunting dog, the tendency to chase after animals, and easily being distracted. To do fun with this nice companion, you need to establish good control over it. 

In this section, you could gather much useful information on Dachshund and this information will help you to pick the best harness for Dachshund.

Characteristics of Dachshund

You know that many types of harness come with distinct features. And, all the features do not go with all types of breeds. Generally, it depends on the breed’s genetic characteristics. So, we think you should know about Dachshund’s positive and negative side of its lifestyle. Although you know about your pet better, you can check out for new points. 

Positive SideNegative Side
Dachshunds live for a Long Time (average 14-16 years old).Dachshunds Are Stubborn.  
Good for a novice owner.The tendency to bark or howl much.
Kids friendly.Hard to Potty Train.
Much energetic.  Prone to Back Injury (Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)).
Fiercely Loyal.Prone to Obesity.
Very much Social.  Love to Dig.  
Super Smart and intelligent so, can train them easily. Low tolerate ability in cold weather.
It can adapt well to apartment living. 

Different challenges of Dachshunds

As a Dachshund owner, you need to keep in mind that this breed is prone to back problems, the shape is unique, and the legs are short. Naturally, this dog is vulnerable to spinal injuries like IVDD (intervertebral disc disease), and it causes acute pain that can be a long time and may lead paralysis condition. Here Dachshund owner has to be careful on its back support. 

Apart from the neck and back problem, Dachshund is also prone to some common health issues like:

Dental Disease.Obesity.Cushing’s disease.
Patellar luxation (dislocated knee cap).Seizures.Alopecia (baldness) due to color dilution or skin allergies.

Why you Choose Harness for Dachshund instead of Collar?

It is a natural question from the dog owner because both collar and harness have some positive side in using. Due to the Dachshund body’s unique shape and pulling behavior, you need to consider the harness.  This consideration is not only to adjust perfectly but also in giving proper training.

Let’s see what reason behind choosing a harness instead of a collar.

Health-Related Issues

  • Neck safety: Harness is considered an ideal solution to keep safe Dachshund’s neck. When your dog tends to tug hard at its leash or insist to give pulling during a walk, then it will put immense pressure on Dachshund’s neck. Here, an adjusted harness takes away the pressure from its sensitive neck and will spread pressure over a wider area, therefore, the neck becomes safe. 
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD): As a Dachshund owner, you know that this breed (roughly 25%) is prone toIntervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) which causes serious pain, severe damage of spine, and even paralysis. Although you will find braces as a solution, a good harness requires for all time back support. 
  • Soreness or chafing:  Dachshund bodies some areas like the armpits area are more sensitive for soreness or chafing problems. Also, when the used harness does not perfectly go with the dog then it will create a rash problem.
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Safety Issues

When the safety issue comes to you, then undoubtedly a harness plays a great role. As the Dachshund loves to chase after a squirrel or other pet and easily being destructed so, you need to established good control. Here, an adjusted harness will spread pressure over a wider area so, the dog can’t escape from the harness, and control becomes easy. 


As they are emotionally sensitive and here a long period of uneasiness can turn their jovial mood into under-confident or morose creatures. Here, a collar will provide much freedom to your dog, and definitely, any animal would prefer it. In addition, a collar also breathe-friendly and much more useful in warm weather.  You will find many harnesses come with the latest features which also offer such amenities as the collar.


A harness is perfect and more useful for training a Dachshund pup. You know that Dachshund is inquisitive and playful by nature, so, untrained make them distracted and possible to fall them in injury.  A harness brings many features to train them perfectly and thus make them more jovial.

Several types of Leash Attachments

Back clip

Generally, hare a D-ring as back clip attaches to the back on the harness. In the dog’s body, the clip situated between the dog’s shoulder blade. Let’s see where it is best to use:

  • Compatible for the miniature dog.
  • Those who suffer from a neck injury.
  • Suffer from a respiratory problem.
  • Having excessive pulling habit.
  • Those who have no training.

Front Clip

Here a D-ring or any shape of the ring is attached in the front side of the harness like at the center of the dog’s chest.  Let’s see where it is best for:

  • Having excessive pulling habit.
  • Jumping tendency.
  • Those who have no training, easily destructed, and trying to run off.

However, it is not recommended for excessive aggressive breeds.

Generally, front-clips are not perfect for Dachshunds because their bellies are quite low to the ground and they are more likely to get tangled in or stumble over their leash. 

Dual Clip

In some harness, both front and back leash attachment is used to get both leash attachment’s benefits. Although they are pricy when you think about the amenities you definitely choose this. This type of harness is best to train the dog perfectly.

Different types of Dachshund Dog Harness

The dog harness is distinguished based on its providing service like some is perfect for walking, hiking, swimming, some offers no-pull facility and some are perfect for training. In this section, we try to bring almost all types of harness which will help you to pick the right one based on your purpose.

Harness Type Characteristics
Dog Harness Vest for Dachshunds  Perfect for walking with a dog that has good training. Not, pricy, light-weight, and comfortable. Good for an old dog. Go with no-pull habit type dog.
Front and Back Clip Harness  Designed to reduce and prevent dogs from pulling. Help keep the dog under control if it becomes over-excited. Perfect for the trainer.
Tightening or Control Harness  Designed to prevent dogs from pulling habit. Also good for the trainer.
Dachshund Back Support Harness  Design to support which suffers from hip dysplasia, arthritis, and even injury. Also, perfect for which suffer from mobility issues for the legs, torso, or spine.

Different used Material in the Dachshund Dog Harness

Most of the Dachshund harnesses are made of by either one or more following materials:


As a synthetic fabric, nylon is one of the most popular used materials in harness for many reasons. One is this material is less expensive and also long-lasting. Another is they are easy to clean and water-resistant.


Polyester is one kind of synthetic fiber made of coal, air, water, and petroleum which is almost the same as nylon. This material is also used to make Dachshund harnesses and also offers a bit softer and more comfortable.


At present, mesh fabric becomes more popular as used material in the harness. Its popularity is increasing due to its super ventilation facility. So, in hot weather, the dog feels more comfortable with this material. Generally, this fabric is made of polyester or nylon and also offers durability.

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In a harness, good quality leather offers durability and softness. Though this material is derived from natural sources so, it is perfect for the dog’s skin. You need to spend a good amount to get one. In addition, it is also heavy so the little dog can’t bear its weight that’s why this type of material is perfect for the large breed.

How do you measure a Dachshund Harness?

As you know that the Dachshund is prone to several health problems especially the back so, it is more important to ensure well-adjustment with the harness. Here the loose-fitting may lead to serious injury because this breed loves to chase the animals. So, to choose the perfect size of the harness you need to find out the exact body size of the Dachshund. Let’ see bellow how to measure the size:

Step1. Take a tape and measure the length from base of neck to base of the tail.

Step2. Then, measure the CHEST/GIRTH like around the body behind the front legs.

Step3. Take the measurement of the neck like around the base of the neck. 

Step4. Lastly, find out the measurement of the chest to tummy coverage (typically for coats) like a jaw to about 2 inches behind front legs.

Generally, the harness manufacturer provides the harness size chart. So, you need to note down all the measurements of your dog and related to the manufacture’s chat. 

What criteria need to consider while choosing the best harness for Dachshund?

Here you are going to sort out some considerable criteria while choosing your harness for dog. So, make sure to keep this feature to your harness as well.

Having no-pull features

The Dachshund is by nature a hunting dog, having the tendency to chase small animals, and easily being distracted. Also, it has a strong pulling habit. However, you know that Dachshund is vulnerable to spinal injuries like IVDD (intervertebral disc disease), and it causes acute pain that can be a long time and may lead to severe damage to the spine and paralysis.

Based on its skeletal structure, prone to health problems so, a no-pull leash attachment is ideal. Here, you can choose the harness with two straps that offer you good control over the dog.

Having good padding 

Though the Dachshunds are vulnerable to some musculoskeletal issues here the most common is intervertebral disc disease (IDD). It is a good idea to look for lightly padded and anti-chafing harnesses. Albeit no-pull style featured harness will provide protection against the spine injury, but padding will assist in comfortable walking. That is why; we suggest using the harness which has plenty of padding on the back, chest, and also in the belly.


As you know that the Dachshund is prone to several health problems especially the back so, it is more important to ensure well-adjusted harness. Here the loose-fitting may lead to serious injury because this breed has hunting habit and it loves to run after the animals. We suggest you use the harness which has buckles that are both adjustable and lockable facilities.


While you go for choosing a harness for Dachshund, you need to keep in mind that this breed is by nature hunting dog and strongly loves to chase after another animal. So, try to find out which offers premium quality fabrics with the escape-proof feature. 

Having Rear handle

When you go for walks with your Dachshund then a top handle will provide you good control while it tries to chase after other animals. We suggest you choose the harness with a top handle which is made of sturdy, durable nylon with comfortable padding.

FAQs on Dachshund Dog Harness

What size collar does a Dachshund need?

A standard size Dachshund with 40 cm to 50 cm or 16 inches to 20 inches of size needs a medium size Hindquarters collar. This size would be the best for your dachshund. For the mini size Dachshund with 20 cm to 43 cm or 8 inches to 17 inches need a collar of small or XS size.

Do dachshunds like to cuddle?

Dachshund is such a breed that loves to have cuddles and snuggles. If you are among those who love to cuddle your dog, then you can consider having a Dachshund. Your loving pet will enjoy being cuddled and you will also enjoy doing so. Not only that, but the Dachshund will also love to sleep with you in your bed.

Do dachshunds get attached to one person?

If you talk about the attachment and loyalty of a dog breed, you would love to pet a Dachshund breed. It gets attached intensely to one person wonderfully. If you feed them most or spend a lot of time with them then it will get more attached to you.

Why are dachshunds so clingy?

Your Dachshund loves to get attention and affection from you. They are so emotionally dependent or clingy because they need numerous amounts of social contact in order to thrive. Another reason is that they are clingy to the person who loves them the most.

Is a collar or harness better for a dachshund?

A large number of Dachshund owners think that a harness is better than a collar. Moreover, a harness is safer and more comfortable too especially when you walk your Dachshund. You just need to fit it properly to get the best results. If your Dachshund is very strong and large, then you must need a harness over a collar.

Final Thought

Dachshunds are born as athletes and can pull when excited. In order to make your dog comfortable and thus to behave well, it is very important to find out the best harness for Dachshund. This article will help you in choosing one for your own one. But the first step to finding out the perfect size is that you must measure your dachshund perfectly. Your dog will perform better if it is comfortable in its harness.