Camargue Cattle Characteristics

The Camargue cows are a strain of domestic cows from France that are utilized for beef, course camarguaise, and plant management. It’s indigenous to this river delta of this Rhône in France’s marshlands.

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Cows are creatures. They are brown in color. Their membranes are dark. Both cows and bulls have horns. Along with their horns are big that are dark in the tips white in the center and gray in the bottom.

Elevation of the bulls is approximately 115 cm for those cows and 125 cm. The cows weigh approximately 250 kg. And the typical body weight of the bulls is about 400 kg.

It’s one of those two cattle breeds that’s increased in states from the Camargue. Another strain is Race Combat or that the Brava that’s a fighting breed. The strain has been referred to as the Provençal: Raço di Biòu since 1996.

Both strains are connected with the cultural and rural customs of the Camargue, such as the guardians, mounted herders who handle the livestock in manages, along with the tiny white Camargue horses they ride. The title of this strain has been shifted to Raço di Biòu along with there was a herdbook created in 1996. The population of the Camargue cows breed has been reported to be 5,332 in 2014 and was projected in 2004.

Camargue Cattle

Breed NameCamargue
Other NameRaço di Biòu
Breed PurposeMilk, course camarguaise, vegetation management
Special NotesStrong, well adapted to local climates, good for vegetation management
Breed SizeSmall
Around 400 kg
CowsAround 250 kg
Climate ToleranceNative climates
Coat ColorUniformly black or occasionally dark brown in color
Milk YieldPoor
Country/Place of OriginFrance
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