Campine chicken

Poultry maintaining was practiced in Belgium for quite a while, in actuality, that the Flemish keep the nick-name “the poultry eaters”. There are just two Flemish chicken breeds which are almost identical and spring from frequent ancestors and history: the Campine along with the Brakel.

The Campine chicken comes in 2 varieties: the Golden and both the Silver. The girls could be sexed in day-old If Silver Campine females are mated to Golden Campine Male chicken the girls have the Male chicken have grey on the very top of the minds and a red blush.

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The Brakel is native to the Flanders district’s clay soil and will be the bigger of the two. The Campine is in Kempen’s field and is smaller; Campine Male chicken is. Aldrovandus said the ancestor to those 2 strains descended from fowls.

After he’d finished a charm of looting at 23, Julius Caesar is thought to have obtained chickens that were Campine house with him.

In 1893, Campine hens were imported into America by Mr. Arthur D. Murphy of Maine. The strain didn’t prove popular and has been dropped out of the Standard in 1898 of the American Poultry Association.

In 1885, Campine hens were imported into England in which a next was found by them. Mr. M.R. Jacobus of Ridgefield, New Jersey, imported the strain by English breeders in 1907.

But Campine hens didn’t end up being a breed that is favorite as they weren’t discovered to be rocky. 1 farm did succeed The Homestead Campine Farm of Wayland, MA and concentrate in hens. However, by this time strains had been the favored breeds.

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Campine chicken Characteristics

Campine chickens are non-sitting fowl that lay eggs. The strain began out as a fowl but came to play a significant part since the Flemish perfected and developed.

The first portion of the function was to supply expansion and feathering to its creation of meat in a crossover using the Malines chicken. The role was an autosexing strain for egg production.

Campine hens were known by the American Poultry Association in 1914 in 2 types: Silver and Golden. Male chicken weighs females and 6 pounds weigh 4 pounds.

Campine chicken Information

Breed NameCampine
Other NameAlso called Kempisch Hoen in its Native Area
Breed PurposeEggs, Ornamental
Breed TemperamentFriendly, Flighty
Breed SizeMedium
Climate ToleranceAll Climates (less cold hardy)
Egg ColorWhite
Egg SizeMedium
Egg ProductivityMedium
Feathered LegsNo
VarietiesGolden & Silver