Can dogs eat ice cream? Recipes for Dog-safe Homemade Ice Cream

Can dogs eat ice cream is both Yes and No? Commercially available Ice cream is not a dog-friendly food. Why is an ice cream not safe for dogs?

  • Few dogs are lactose intolerant can lead to bloating, diarrhea, upset stomach.
  • Ice creams can lead to obesity, due to a large amount of sugar in it.
  • Even Low-sugar ice cream is also not preferred as they are made of Xylitol which is poisonous for dogs.
  • Raisins or chocolate can never be in ice cream.
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How will Lactose affect dogs?

Lactose is seen in almost all dairy foods from milk to cheese and even in small amounts of Yogurt. Some dogs are lactose intolerant. How do you find out if your dog is lactose tolerant? Observe him for 30 min to an hour after feeding him some milk. If he is ok. If he is lactose intolerant then he will show signs of gas, diarrhea, stomach upset.

Lactose intolerance is seen in some dogs due to their less production of the enzyme lactase. Lactase breaks down lactose. High level of lactose will affect a dog’s digestive system. When a lot of lactose (without breaking up) reaches the large intestine, it draws a lot of water causing diarrhea. Also, bacteria consume lactose and produce a lot of gas. So for lactose intolerant dogs, the ice cream is big “NO”.

Even if your dog is lactose tolerant you should not feed him on a regular basis. Once in a year or any special occasion on his birthday, you can feed him but in less quantity. There are lots of alternative options than traditional ice creams.

“Up to 35 percent of American dogs are overweight”, says Dr. Tony Johnson

Dogs eating ice cream can lead to Obesity

Is ice cream bad for a dog? Ice cream generally contains a high dose of sugar and calories. “Up to 35 percent of American dogs are overweight”, says Dr. Tony Johnson, clinical assistant professor of emergency veterinary medicine at Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine. Overweight is due to additional calory intake. Like humans, even dogs get addicted to ice cream. They will crave to get one whenever you are eating. Most of the dog owners can’t resist, they will go ahead and feed the ice cream. Like humans, even pets who are overweight are prone to diabetes. So it’s a big no to give them ice creams. Avoid ice creams which are commercially available. There are simple recipes to make healthy dog-friendly ice cream.

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Avoid low sugar or  no sugar ice creams

Ice creams that are advertised as low sugar or no sugar may be good for humans but a big “NO” to dogs. Check if the ice cream contains “Xylitol”. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that is toxic to dogs. In order to avoid this confusion avoid icecreams which are store brought.

 Ice cream with chocolate and Raisins makes a dog sick

Avoid ice creams that have chocolate or raisins or macadamia nuts. These lead to vomiting, tremors, and depression. Chocolate is toxic to dogs. 

can dogs eat vanilla ice cream?

As explained above, Ice cream is not safe for the dogs which are lactose intolerant, overweight or diabetic. The vanilla flavor is comparatively good for dogs that don’t have the above problems. Vanilla is the only agent added to normal ice cream. We still recommend homemaking ice cream is best.

can I give my dog yogurt?

Yogurt is good for dogs. You may ask even yogurt has lactose, how can you say yogurt is safe for dogs? Yogurt is fermented, it contains less lactose. It will be easier for dogs to digest. Only feed the yogurt that you have prepared or unsweetened yogurt. Do not feed commercial sweetened yogurt or flavored yogurt which has tons of sugar in it.

can I give my dog yogurt every day?

Plain yogurt is safe for dogs. Yogurt contains tons of calcium, zinc, and probiotics. Dog facing problems like diarrhea, infections in the digestive tract can all be cured using yogurt in their daily food. Probiotics help to get rid of unhealthy bacteria in your dog’s stomach. Probiotics are more helpful for the dog which likes to lick, eat anything fallen on the floor. It alleviates the problem. For most of the digestive problems like constipation or diarrhea, the yogurt will help to restore

the balance in the work of the digestive system. Always introduce new food in small quantities. Trying to introduce your dog to yogurt, it’s the same. Try to mix a tablespoon of yogurt to the normal diet.

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Yogurt has other advantages for dogs too. The excessive yeast which leads to ear infections and skin problems can be controlled by yogurt consumption. The calcium in yogurt will make their bones stronger. It also helps in digestion and contains fats and carbs which will improve absorption of Vitamin B12 which is a major boost for the energy of dogs.

Recipes for Dog-Safe Homemade Ice Cream

Check out some of the awesome dog safe ice cream recipes which are the healthy alternative to regular ice creams. Simple dog ice cream recipes which you can do at home 

1. Banana Peanut butter and Yogurt ice cream

Take ripen bananas, peanut butter, and yogurt into a blender and blend until its mixed. Now pour the mixture into the ice trays and keep it in the refrigerator.  Now take the trays out of the freezer and serve your doggie most healthy ice cream.

You can replace banana with blueberry, strawberry or any seasonal fruit. Most loved fruit you can use is a pumpkin. Usually, pumpkins are available in September and November. But you can freeze them year-long ignorer for your dogs to enjoy.

2. Watermelon honey

One more simple recipe is Watermelon puree, honey and coconut oil(teaspoon). Coconut oil is good for dogs. It helps your pet’s digestion and improves their coat. More benefits to dog’s coat and skin. Also, the watermelon keeps your dog hydrated and cool in summers.

3. Chicken Ice cream

Have you heard of Chicken Ice cream for dogs? Well, we may not like to have chicken in that form. But our dogs would love to have them in summertime(anytime indeed). Super simple recipes where we do not even spend the time to make it. Chicken ice-cream is simple – Cook chicken (minced) and add some veggie puree into it. Once cooked, add the broth, chicken and puree complete mix into the blender. Final content to be added to the ice cube tray and freeze them. The smell of chicken with a frozen tinge will be loved by any dog.

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4. Just Bananas

Blend the ripe bananas(cut into small pieces) and a little water in the food processor or blender. Make it look like a cream. Now freeze it for a few hours. Serve your dog the most iconic 1-minute recipe of banana ice cream. For super busy moms this is simplest then can try on and keep their furry friend happy.

5. Doggy Popsicle Recipe

I would like to have one of these except the dog biscuit in it, that’s what my son always says. Which is true, any human would love to have it.

What do I add to make doggy popsicle: yogurt, peanut butter, honey, banana and doggie biscuits. As explained before adding peanut butter, banana, yogurt and honey into the blender. Puree the mixture, now pour them to ice cream cups or any container and keep the dog biscuit in each of the cups. Freeze for 2 to 3 hours and serve your dog the most delicious doggy Popsicle. For us to consume do not add the biscuit. The quantities of the ingredient are subjected to your preference.

6. Yogurt Melts

Take any fruit with yogurt in a puree format. Freeze in your ice cube trays. Serve them one at a time during summers.