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Java Chicken

Java poultry is a dual-purpose breed. Nonetheless, the name of it came from the island of Java. Java chicken was designed from chickens of silver stocks that were unknown in the USA. It’s forming the …

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Jersey Giant Chicken

Jersey Giant chicken is the most significant chicken breed that originated from the USA from the late 19th century. Thomas and John Black created jersey Giant chicken. They were meant to replace the turkey and …

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Marsh Daisy Chicken

Marsh Daisy hens are extremely hardy, economical and active breeds. They’re excellent forager and very valuable for controlling the weeds or grass inhabitants in the backyard. Marsh Daisy poultry is an uncommon breed. Old English …

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Naked Neck Chicken

Naked Neck chickens are birds that are lively hardy and vigorous. They’re appropriate for both eggs and meat production and increased as a dual-purpose breed. Hens are layers, making a number of eggs. They are …

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