florida snakes

Florida Snakes

With Texas, Florida is home to much snake species compared to every other nation in america. Florida’s humid and hot weather produces a ideal habitat for sailors to live and try, one of these crocodiles …

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Eastern Brown

Eastern Brown Snake

The Eastern Brown (Pseudonaja textilis), also called the Common brownish snake is an venomous elapid snake located in the southern half of Australia, but in Tasmania. There are no subspecies. ​The species can be found …

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death adder

Death Adder

Over the years several species of death adder have already been considered and ignored with amounts that range everywhere from 4 up to 15 (see species under ). Ancient Australian settlers named them that the”deaf …

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Gopher snake

Gopher Snake

The gopher snake is found from southern Canada, as far south as southern Sinaloa and Veracruz in Mexico. On account of their wide distribution, the gopher snake is located in a huge variety of habitats, …

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Tiger Snake

Tiger Snake

The tiger snake (Notechis) is a big and extremely venomous snake species found in Australia. Their array is located within 2 areas, southeastern Australia, such as Tasmania and the Bass Strait islands, and also Australia’s …

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