Do Snakes Have Bones?

Do Snakes Have Bones?

Although when we think of snakes with their nimble body, deficiency of limbs and awesome flexibility, they appear to have no bones, nothing farther from reality. Snakes do have bones and tons of them. Snakes …

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Snake Fangs Amazing Facts

Snake Fangs Facts

Although many snake species possess teeth not all of snakes species don’t have fangs. In contemporary snakes that the teeth are usually divided into four distinct forms, of those 3 are typically called fangs. These …

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Ball Python

Ball Python

The Ball Python (Python regius) can be found in West and Central Africa, reaching from Uganda and South Sudan and west through Nigeria and into Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. Its range comprises many countries …

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Checkered garter snake

Checkered garter snake

The Checkered garter snake or Checkered gartersnake (Thamnophis marcianus) is a colubrid somewhat venomous snake species located from the northeast United States southwards to Mexico and Central America as far south as Costa Rica. It’s …

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mangrove snake

Mangrove Snake

The mangrove snake (Boiga dendrophila) can be popularly called the yellow-ringed kitty Snake, gold-ringed kitty snake or even mangrove cat snake. That is a 9 subspecies recognized. All these rear-fanged colubrid snakes are observed in …

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