Chato Murciano Pig

The Chato Murciano pig is a breed of pig. It was and is bred and famous because of bacon manufacturing and it’s meat in its location. The Murcian type breed that was present wasn’t meeting with the criteria of this Spanish.

They were needing a pig strain. Plus they mix-bred that the Murciano using all the Berkshire, Big White, Tamworth, and Victoria for solving This Issue.

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The strain was called from the Spanish because it is the short nose, with ‘chato’ significance ‘short-nosed’, also ‘Murciano’ significance ‘out of Murcia’.

Chato Murciano Pig

The Chato Murciano pig is a medium-sized creature with white and black color. However, some creatures have a tendency to have white spots on parts of the body like tail and the legs.

It’s the comparatively small-sized head that generally grows around 28.5 cm long and approximately 20 cm broad after reaching 12 decades old. The tail of it is twisted.

The average resides bodyweight of this older Chato Murciano pig is approximately 180 kg.

Chato Murciano pig is a breed and can be adapted into the warm and humid climate of Spain, especially to the local climates of it. The strain is great for lean and bacon beef production.

If fed materials that are accumulated the strain grows. It’s chiefly murdered at their 1.5 decades old for great excellent sausage and pork when moderate live bodyweight of the animals attain around 180 kg.

The lifespan of this strain is around 12-15 decades.

The Chato Murciano pig produced in Murcia and would be the sole breed of pig and is in the risk of extinction. It’s a pig that’s famous for bacon creation and its meat, despite the threat of becoming extinct of it. There were over 100,000 in 1929, and approximately 50,000 Chato Murciano pigs.

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A number of Spanish governments are focusing on agriculture work on apps intending to conserve the strain by cross-breeding and artificial insemination.

Chato Murciano Pig Breed Information

Breed NameChato Murciano
Other NameNone
Special NotesHardy, well adapted to local climates, adapted to southern Spain’s dry and warm climates, good for bacon and lean meat production, grow well on raw materials
Breed SizeMedium
Up to 180 kg
SowsAround 180 kg
Climate ToleranceNative climates
ColorUsually black and white
Country/Place of OriginSpain