Choctaw Pig

The Choctaw pig is a breed of pig. Presently a hundred creatures have been decreased to by population of this strain. And the Majority of the population that is current have been at the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

Their possessions and the Choctaw people migrated to Oklahoma Territory in the early nineteenth century out of the Deep South. The strain was descended from the bunny brought into the Americas from Spaniards in the 16th century onwards.

Choctaw Pig Characteristics

The Choctaw pig is also a hardy and energetic breed. It’s ideal for comprehensive pig farming systems and performs quite well in free selection.

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The Choctaw pig is a small-sized creature. It’s two features, which would be the wattles as well as the feet. It’s feet are fused forming a hoof. And creatures have wattles. The animals are black with white markings, sometimes in color. They have vertical to ears.

The average bodyweight of this mature boars is approximately 110-136 kg. Al ong with the older sows on weight around 68-90 kg.

It is able to forage for their food and generally need care. Their foods around the hive contain vegetable plants, roots, acorns, berries and anything else they could find. When retained in confinement they can be competitive but can become very tame.

The Americans, but also by the settlers and a series of individuals not employed the strain at the Southeastern United States for more than three hundred decades. The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy calls for the Choctaw Hog’s standing”seriously rare” and states it”is a top conservation priority.

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Choctaw Pig Breed Information

Breed NameChoctaw
Other NameNone
Special NotesVery hardy, active, well suited for extensive system, good for free range, require little care, good foragers, can be aggressive but become very tame if kept in confinement
Breed SizeSmall
110-136 kg
Sows68-90 kg
Climate ToleranceNative climates
ColorMainly black, but occasionally with white markings
RarityCritically rare
Country/Place of OriginUnited States