Corriente Cattle Characteristics

The Corriente cows are a breed that derives from cows brought into the Americas from the 15th century. They are utilized for rodeo events like the team as game cows, although some breeders raise them today.

Names for your strain may differ from place to place. The breed registry in the USA calls for the strain just since cattle, also it’s by far the title in Northern Mexico.

Corriente Cattle

Cows are tiny creatures and bulls and cows have horns. Their horns are very long and warm up. They’re lean and fit. They need less water and will survive on a thin open range such as the Texas Longhorn cows (that a lot of men and women think to be descended to your Corrientes). But white and the majority of the creatures are black, they are available in a variety of coloration.

They so are nice and slim at conformation and have balanced throat, mind, forequarters and hindquarters.

They often have a dense coating along with a thick tail change which frequently goes under the hocks. The cows on weight beneath 450 kg. And the typical bodyweight of the bulls is around 500 kg.

Corriente Cattle Advantages

Cows are creatures that are multipurpose. They have been employed for milk, milk and a draft animal. But now they’re primarily utilized for rodeo events like the team as game cows.

The Corriente cows are animals that are powerful and extremely hardy. They’re called ‘simple keepers’ since small human intervention is expected within their calving plus they need less feed than a significant beef cattle breeds.

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They’re also called accomplished escape artists since they can jump a conventional barbed-wire weapon and squeeze fairly tiny openings. So special factors should be taken for maintaining them restricted.

The strain is also great for meat and milk production. And now some breeders maintain the Corriente cattle because of their own meat. Their beef is considerably thinner compared to meat from the majority of other contemporary beef cattle breeds.

Corriente Cattle History

It’s named Chinampo or Criollo cows. The strain is associated with Pineywoods cattle and this Florida Cracker, which can be just two cattle strains from the Gulf Coast and Florida.

Additionally, it accommodated through natural selection into the numerous areas where it dwelt. It’s descendants. Other and European cattle were introduced from the early 1800s to the Americas.

And ranchers from the Americas upgraded their herds from the 1900s with beef cows. Practically pure descendants of the Spanish cows almost vanished, but a few were able to live with small human intervention or care in remote regions of Central and South America, also in very limited amounts in some regions of the southern United States.

Corriente Cattle Breed Information

Breed NameCorriente
Other NameCriollo or Chinampo
Breed PurposeMilk, meat, draught, sport
Special NotesWell adapted to native climates, very hardy, strong, easy calving, excellent maternal qualities, good quality meat, good for draft and sport
Breed SizeSmall
Under 450 kg
CowsUp to 500 kg
Climate ToleranceNative climates
Coat ColorCome in a wide variety of coloration, except white and most of the animals are primarily black.
Milk YieldGood
Country/Place of OriginSpain