Crèvecoeur chicken

The Crèvecoeur chicken is among the earliest of France’s fowls. The strain gets its title from Crève-Coeur en Ange.

The breed’s name translates as “broken heart” as in the romantic feeling. Little been around for a lengthy time and is understood of their breed’s roots than they had been designed in Normandy.

Crèvecoeur chicken Characteristics

Strong black in color, Crèvecoeur hens has crests and beards of medium dimensions, streamlined, well-proportioned bodies, and short legs. Their minds have been adorned with a distinctive”v” comb.

Crèvecoeur chicken

In motion, they possess temperaments that are peaceful and are silent and willful. Confinement stands well, appearing content. Crèvecoeur chickens are medium layers of eggs that are, but appear to be more adaptable to many climates.

Male chicken weighs 8 pounds and females weigh 6.5 pounds.

The strain was designed chiefly for the quality of its flesh. Crèvecoeur chickens have bones that are fine and also the ratio of meat into offal can be very large. The skin with this strain is white.

Along with the meat is known for being brief, nice, and white and the leg meat can be nearly duck-like and dim in color.

Additionally, they fatten easily and were a favorite to”gaver” or material a classic traditional custom of earning creatures eat more by adding a tube in their mouths which introduces a specially mixed wet mash and nutritional supplements their usual diet.

Crèvecoeur Chicken Origin

The strain was quite common in France, although it didn’t gain as much favor in different nations.

There have been one for Crèvecoeur hens: two varieties of awards supplied by the agricultural exhibition held in Paris and another for other poultry strains.

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This is the earliest known poultry breed in England. It’d reached America before 1874, but at the time was considered”overly tender” for its climate of mid and eastern states there.

The Crèvecoeur chicken was first recognized by the American Poultry Association and confessed in 1874.