Dexter Cattle Characteristics

The Dexter cows are a strain of cows that are increased for beef and meat production. It’s a cattle breed. The strain will be the tiniest of those cattle breeds and is roughly half of the size of a Hereford cattle. Where it had been introduced to England the Dexter cattle originated. They had been disappeared in Ireland but was maintained as a strain in several of herds in England and in America.

Dexter cows are sized creatures. They have a body that is deep and wide. They look in three colors that are black, brown and reddish. They need to have no white markings except for some very little white markings onto the belly/udder supporting the navel and a few white hairs at the tail change.

They could be either horned or polled. The variant has thick and little horns that develop a curve over the cows and a curve onto the bulls. They have legs. The average bodyweight of the cows is approximately 350 kg. Along with the bulls on weighing approximately 450 kg.

Dexter cows Adavantages

Dexter cows are creatures that are dual-purpose. They’re used for both meat and milk production.

The Dexter cows are extremely hardy creatures and they’re extremely friendly in character.

They also possess temperaments that are pleasant and are docile in behavior. As a classic mountain cows breed, they’re well-adapted into the landscape of the rugged areas of Ireland.

They are known to consume vegetation and weeds and may flourish on pastures. The cows are moms and their athletes can be protected by them from predators. They calve and generally have problems in calving.

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The cows could create around 3,500 kg of milk per lactation. Their milk is made of fantastic quality comprising about 4% butterfat and approximately 3.5 percentage protein. Steak of the Dexter cows is of great quality with great marbling.

The carcass’ dimensions create the strain a superb alternative for use in marketing and advertising applications. They’ve occasionally been promoted as a decorative or novelty breed.

Dexter Cattle Origin

The precise origin of this strain is very vague, but the widespread assumption was that these creatures are a consequence of cross between the Kerry and various other breeds (likely the Devon cows ). They have lots of similarities and people believed Dexters for a stunted kind of Kerry for decades.

But, recent blood typing study has ascertained the Dexter as well as the Kerry cows, although closely associated are distinct strains.

Presently an amount of those Dexter cows is approximately 2,000 in Ireland. And it is a rare breed, however, is regarded as a breed from The Livestock Conservancy.

Dexter Cattle Breed Information

Breed NameDexter
Other NameThe Poorman’s Cow
Breed PurposeDual-purpose (milk and meat)
Special NotesGood milk quality, well adapted to native climates, good for meat, very hardy, good behavior, docile, calm temperament, good for ornamental purposes
Breed SizeSmall
Around 450 kg
CowsAround 350 kg
Climate ToleranceNative climates
Coat ColorBrown, red and black
HornedYes or polled
Milk YieldGood
Country/Place of OriginIreland