Duroc Pig

The Duroc pig is an old breed of national pig originating in the USA. It’s one of many red pig strains that was developed in New England around 1800.

The Duroc pig is a very hardy breed. And it’s well known for it’s quick and hardiness but through muscle development. The breed has the temperament and is of behavior.

Duroc Pig Characteristics

The modern Duroc pig is a medium-sized animal with a pretty long body and it is facing is slightly dished. It was initially a very large breed in years past but wasn’t as large as was the Jersey Red pig. Ears of the animal are not held and falling erect.

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The coloration of the animals is frequently an orangish-brown. However, any color is allowed from a color that was golden to a deep mahogany red.

Duroc pigs are large-framed animals and are muscle. The live body weight of this mature sows is around 204-295 kg. And typical live body weight of the boars range from 227 to 340 kg.

It is generally one of the least competitive of all the pig strains. The Duroc pigs grow somewhat faster when they’re kept on a consistent and nutritious diet.

They do really well in extensive pig farming methods and tend to keep healthy and happy in both cold and warm climates. The sows are famous for producing litters and they take good care of the piglets.

The exact origins of the breed aren’t known. One concept is that the red color of this animal came from the Berkshire pig (a breed that is now black but had been rusty brownish at that point ) from Britain. Another suggestion is the beans were imported during the slave trade’s time on the Guinea coast of Africa.

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Another influence on the breed might have been four shoats from Spain and Portugal that were sprinkled around 1837, but it’s uncertain whether these formed part of this breed’s ancestry.

The Duroc pig is the first breed. The strain originated from New York Duroc and also crosses of this Jersey Red. And round the 1950s, the strain started being used as display hogs. Read information concerning the Duroc pig strain under.

Duroc Pig Breed Information

Breed NameDuroc
Other NameNone
Special NotesVery hardy, good behavior, calm temperament, less aggressive, grow faster, good for the extensive system, good for both cold and warm climates, sows are known for producing large litters and they take very good care of their piglets
Breed SizeMedium to large
227-340 kg
Sows204-295 kg
Climate ToleranceAll climates
ColorUsually an orangish-brown. But any color is allowed from a light golden shade to a deep mahogany red.
Country/Place of OriginUnited States