Dutch Landrace Pig

The Dutch Landrace pig strain is famous for its high fertility and also quite good maternal skills. It has a superb sense of smell and is a really smart animal. The strain employed for enhancing strains and is used for crossbreeding.

The Landrace pig is an aged breed of pig in the Netherlands. It’s also known by a few other titles like Dutch and Netherlands Landrace: Nederlands Landras.

Dutch Landrace Characteristics

The Dutch Landrace pig is moderate to the large creature. It has the exact same look as the Landrace pig strains. It’s mostly white in color and has the feature large and drooping ears. The strain has hams and back then discovered on several Landrace strains. Hair of the Landrace pigs is nice and they’ve elongated nose.

The typical bodyweight of this boars is 320 kg and between 230 kg. And the live body weight of this sows ranges from 200 kg.

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The Dutch Landrace sows would be the cornerstone of a lot of the female inventory employed in the typical three-way cross, the Dutch Yorkshire pig, a 3/4 Big White (a.k.a. Yorkshire) and 1/4 Dutch Landrace combination, designed with”excellent strain on creation detail”, from the subsequent breeding formula: Big White boar × (Big White boar × Dutch Landrace) sow.

It was developed in the landrace of pigs of the region. The strain is located in the east, southwest, and north of the Netherlands. The ‘Central Bureau for Pig-breeding’ at Nijmegen, serves as the breed registry.

The Landrace pig is thought of as ‘a meaty and effective breed of pig’. It’s remarkably responsive to the halothane test, which may be used to weed out people with reduced projected survival and meat production.

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Together with the accessibility in the Netherlands, the strain is exported to Japan and Spain notably to some nations.

Dutch Landrace Pig Breed Information

Breed NameDutch Landrace
Other NameNetherlands Landrace and Dutch: Nederlands Landras
Special NotesKnown for its high fertility and good maternal abilities, very intelligent, excellent sense of smell
Breed SizeMedium to large
226-318 kg
Sows204-272 kg
Climate ToleranceAll climates
Country/Place of OriginNetherlands