Enderby Island Rabbit Characteristics

Enderby Island Rabbit is a national strain of rabbit used mainly for meat. Even Enderby Island, a subantarctic island in Australia at the Auckland Island set of New Zealand.

The Enderby Island bunny breed is known as just or Enderby bunny Enderby. The strain was created to function as meals that were castaway.

That the inhabitants that were isolated became a selection. Out of Enderby Island that the Enderby Island anglers were exterminated From the early 1990s.

The Enderby Island bunny is a small to moderate-sized breed. Even though the breed derives out of the Silver Greys that were more heavy weighing around 4 kg.

However, the Enderby Island anglers have evolved for somewhat smaller with a normal body weight of approximately 2 kg.

They have a nice bone body using eyes that are daring. They are in color, with the undercoat of color that is dim. Heads, their ears and tails are dim, occasionally black.

Their mind is a great’V’ shaped put onto the side of it and the mind looks small for your body.

Due to a gene of this Enderby Island bunny, a tiny proportion of these infants are born beige or cream. Their ears are nice and transported upright at a ‘V’ shape. The ears also have silvering and also fur.

Enderby Island Rabbit Advantages

Enderby Island rabbits have been evolved by the English Silver Greys. They have been developed for the only intent of supplying meals for virtually any shipwrecked sailors or passengers at the Southern many islands of New Zealand.

The Enderby Island bunny can be very skittish and nervous. And they consider a threat and any predators all of the time. That makes them desire to burrow and hide.

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Enderby Island rabbits can be quite affectionate, particularly if food or treat is supplied.

They’re extremely clean creatures and want to maintain their following place clean.

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Even though they have not been accommodated for surroundings so that they do enjoy being outdoors all of the time. They are hardy.


The Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand rescued a set of 49 rabbits in September 1992. There have been 50 rabbits on the team.

However one died because of a back injury. The Enderby Island bunny for a strain isn’t only uncommon but also jeopardized Now.

The strain is endangered as a result of a high number of hybrids created with people crossing the Enderby.

The British Rabbit Council recognizes by the American Rabbit Breeders Association nor Enderby Island rabbits.

Enderby Island Rabbit Breed Information

Breed NameEnderby Island
Other NameEnderby rabbit or simply Enderby
Breed PurposeMeat
Breed SizeSmall to medium
WeightAbout 2 kg
Suitable for Commercial ProductionNo
Good as PetsNot sure
Climate ToleranceAll Climates (cold hardy)
Color VarietiesSilver-Grey
RarityVery rare
Country of OriginAustralia