Epic Dera Din Panah Goat

The famous milk yielding goat is a national goat breed of Pakistan, which can be called as Dera Din Panah goat. The breed is native to Pakistan’s districts Multan and Muzaffargarh.

Dera Din Panah goat breed is among the biggest populated and most popular goats in Pakistan. This breed is reared for only milk. Hardy and strong breed capable of thriving in their dry, arid lands.

Dera Din Panah Goat Breed information

Dera Din Panah is small to medium size breed. But in Pakistan, this breed is considered a large breed.

The Daera Din Panah is a milk type goat, that primarily used for dairy production.

They are usually black in color. They have a body with long dangling long hair and ears that are twisted.

They have spiral horns and well-developed udder and teats.

Does tend to reach up to 70cms in height, having an average weight of 40 kg. The Buck can attain up to 60 kgs of weight with a height of 81 cm at withers.

The Dera Din Panah, hardy and strong animal are capable of thriving in their dry, arid lands.

They are capable of surviving most climates of Pakistan.

They are the most common strain in Pakistan, with a population in excess of 142,000 from the year 2006.

Dera din Panah Goat Farming

Dera din Panah Goat House

  • The home ought to be constructed at a higher altitude so the flooding won’t influence the home.
  • The ground, which utilized on the farm, should even be sterile.
  • The drainage center ought to be helpful on the farm.
  • The goat home should dry and sterile.
  • Goat farms ought to acquire decent ventilation.
  • Since the goats possess exactly the very same needs of human beings such as physical and growth requirements in order that they require housing for their own shelter.
  • These goats must be protected in the harsh creatures and also in the jagged ponds which are inoculated with ecological strain.
  • The amount of laborers is less for your goat set up and maintenance.
  • The goat ought to acquire enough distance so they can take rest nicely.
  • From the plantation, the goat waste must also be gathered on the farm.
  • In each season, we will need to provide goat the warm water since the goats are frightened of cold water.
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Dera din Panah Goat Feed

Hay is just one of the essential sources of nutrition. It should be of very good quality. Weedy hay includes a high number of nutrients inside. Are clover, alfalfa, and Lespedeza.

The pastures are also a fantastic source of energy as well as the nutrients. These goats nutrients and contain a large quantity of energy.

These Pastures will enhance the digestibility and will enhance the flavor. Are similar to as follows millet, grain, grass, Bahia grass, millet, sorghum, and Sudan grass.

The vitamins that are necessary for your goats should be provided like vitamin c, vitamin D, and vitamin E.

The minerals that are needed for your goats must also be supplied to the goats.

The grains may be supplied to the goats. The goats could be fed up 16 percent of this program. This grain feed can is fed based on the weight of the goat.

The goats may be fed with cereal grains that are a source of carbons and vitality. Goats can feed the supplement feed as complementary. The grains which may be feed are corn, barley, moil, oats, and ryegrass.

The kitchen garbage just like potato peels, tomato endings, orange peels, banana peels could be fed to the goats.

Check out more on Fodder crops, that are eligible for the goat feed.

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Benefits of Dera din Panah Goat Farming

  • The goats are great grazers and do well in the scope surroundings.
  • Goats are caused quite much less to the aliments.
  • The goats have digestibility.
  • The first expense of this goat farming is less.
  • They could adapt to any kind of climate.
  • These goats don’t have any religious taboos since they’re approved by all societies.
  • The requirement for your goat is extremely significant.
  • In addition, the goat goods also have high need.
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Cons of having Dera din Panah Goat Farm

  • The purchase cost of the wool is less, Dera din Panah Goat is not wool-producing.
  • When the goats are assaulted by parasites and disease then the speed of existence will be less.
  • Among the hardest jobs for the farmers would be to selection the goat.
  • The goat promotion is also among the toughest jobs.

Basic tips for goat farming

  • Whilst purchasing goats, some precautions must be obtained and while picking out the goat healthy goats should be chosen.
  • Goats are called social creatures. These goats belong to the herd.
  • The conveniences and amenities for the goat have to be effective and productive.
  • Home for the goats must be assembled good and strong.
  • Caring the goat correctly by therapy, preventions, and nutrients that are timely.
  • Before increasing, the farmer ought to be aware of the fundamentals. A female goat is also called Doe, female infants are called Doelings. The male goats are called Bucks, male infants are called Bucklings.
  • The neutered buck is called Wether.
  • Whilst rearing goats we ought to possess some understanding of rearing techniques.
  • After eliminating the fleece in the goat, they should not be exposed to cold climates that they might fall sick, so they need to be held in hot conditions.
  • Goats need to be eased with great amenities such as feed, water, milk barn, fleece shearing barn, and suitable drainage.

Dera Din Panah Goat Characteristics

Breed NameDera Din Panah Goat
Other NameDDP
Country/Place of OriginPakistan
Breed PurposeMilk production
Breed Sizemedium
60 kg  (135 lbs)
Doe(Female)40 kg (88 lbs)
Kiddingone to three
Good for Stall Fedopen grazing  and Stall-fed
Climate ToleranceAll Climates

Reference: Muhammad Tahir, Associate Professor, Department of Animal Breeding & Genetics, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan