Fengjing Pig

The Fengjing pig is a breed of domestic pig from Shanghai, China. The main areas of this breed are located in Songjiang, Jinshan and Wujiang’s areas. It was named after the Shanghai town of Fengjing.

The breed is categorized as a kind of Taihu pig that all occur in mild climate’s narrow region around the Lake Tai area.

The breed is well-known for its yummy meat, infection resistance, and litters. The strain was brought to the United States in 1989 under a United States Department of Agriculture plot with the University of Illinois and Iowa State University. Read more details about the strain below.

Fengjing Pig Characteristics

Fengjing pigs are modest-sized animals. They are black in color. They are distinguished by their face and in addition, they have a body.

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The body height of this Fengjing sows is about 69 cm and the boars are larger than the sows. The mature sows weight about the weight that is boars and 70 kg slightly more.

The Fengjing pig is an animal. It has a rather high rate of breeding. The sows are able to produce two litters per year at parity with about 12 piglets and rising to about 17 piglets at a third party. Occasionally big litter size of around 20 piglets happens.

The meat of the Fengjing pig is obviously, succulent flavor that is very good, but the breed normally grows slowly.

The breed is quite popular in China, and also the production of this Fengjing pig happened around the late Qing Dynasty with a yearly production of approximately 200,000 pigs from the town of Fengjing.

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Interest for the breed has grown most lately in the Western countries for the potential for using the breed in the female line of a breeding program with the hope that they can increase litter size, disease resistance capacities and improve the taste while keeping the fast growth rates of Western pig breeds.

The Fengjing pig grows faster and can attain puberty at 2.5 to 3 months old.

Fengjing Pig

Breed NameFengjing
Other NameNone
Special NotesHardy, high breeding rates, sows are able to produce large litters, grow relatively slowly, great taste of meat
Breed SizeSmall
Up to 70 kg
SowsAround 70 kg
Climate ToleranceAll climates
Country/Place of OriginChina