Finn Cattle Characteristics

The Finn cows describe three cattle breeds that are associated. They are utilized as dairy for milk production. And a few are present in petting zoos, and a few creatures are used for beef production and increased as pets. There are 3 strains of those Finn cows that are both the Northern, Eastern, and Western Finn cows.

The Eastern Finn cows are white and red, the Northern Finn cows are white as well as the Western Finn cows are reddish in color and will be the biggest of the 3 strains.

The Finn cows are small to medium-sized creatures. They are so that they don’t have any horns. There are 3 kinds of the breed that are Western, Northern and Eastern Finn cows. Each breed change in manufacturing and look levels.

The Eastern cows could be red or black. Variety is white in color. Along with the assortment will be the biggest of the 3 strains and they’re usually of color.

Finn Cows Advantages

These cows are creatures that are dual-purpose. They’re used for both meat and milk production. However, they’re used as milk cows breed for milk production.

The Finn cows are creatures that are robust and hardy. They’re well-adapted greater. They are also able to be maintained on woods pasture. They are inclined to be long-lived creatures and the cattle have fertility.

The cows are great for milk production along with their milk is still of excellent quality. Sugar and protein contents in their own milk are greater compared to milk cattle breeds in Finland. Though their milk production levels are also lower compared to other cows’ breeds.

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Finn Cattle History

These strains were created late, and in scale, the breeding was achieved following the founding of these studbooks. Modern dairy cattle were imported in numbers following the Second World War to Finland.

And a number of those Finn cattle diminished. There were approximately 60,000 creatures in 1960. The strain is increased for beef and meat production.

Finn Cattle Breed Information

Breed NameFinn
Other NameFinnish cattle
Breed PurposeMilk and meat
Special NotesHardy, active, well adapted to native climates, good milkers
Breed SizeSmall
Climate ToleranceNative climates
Coat ColorMany, depends on the variety
Milk YieldGood
Country/Place of OriginFinland