Girgentana Goat Characteristics

Even the Girgentana goat is really a goat strain utilized for its production of the milk. It’s native to the state of Agrigento. The origins of this Girgentana goat strain is unknown. It’s been suggested they are in South Asia Kashmir, northern Balochistan, and Afghanistan.

It was recognized by Johann Wolfgang Amschler using also the Ram in Thicket statues excavated as well as Capra Prisca from Leonard Woolley at 1927 — 28 at Ur. Leopold Adametz which is’ theory descended by your markhor, several species of East, Capra falconeri, seems to be accepted by zoologists.

Even the Girgentana goat is a beautiful creature. It’s a white coat with hair around the neck and head. Attributes burst have been by Even the Girgentana goats, twisted into a coil shape. Bucks have a very long beard and will not have sized ears.

The height of those bucks is approximately 80 cm to the does, along with approximately 85 cm. The bucks on weight approximately bodyweight of this, and 65 kg Does is approximately 46 kg.


Girgentana goat is really a milk goat breed. And it is raised for milk production.

Special Considerations

Girgentana goats are accommodated to its source location and lively. The strain is dispersed via Sicily, Italy, and Western Europe. Exactly the are good milk producers. And generally, a doe could create approximately 400 kg of milk each year.

Girgentana Goat History

The animals might have been introduced into Sicily at, or even roughly 700 BC the twentieth century AD by Arab invaders.

This Girgentana goat breed’s title derives in Sicilian language from Girgenti. From coastal areas and the slopes of the state, there were over 30,000 goats out there in the past.

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The Girgentana goat is rare and at risk of disappearance Now. The population of this Girgentana goat was projected in the close of 1993 at 524.

And 390 hens were enrolled at the end of 2013. And from the year of 2007, the conservation condition of the strain was recorded as “endangered” by the FAO.

The strain is among those goat strains where there is a herdbook retained from the Associazione Nazionale Della Pastorizia sheep-breeders’ Italian institution.

Girgentana Goat Breed Information

Breed NameGirgentana
Other NameAgrigento
Breed PurposeMilk
Breed SizeMedium
About 65 kg
DoeAbout 46 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorWhite
Good for Stall FedNot Sure
Country/Place of OriginItaly