Glan Cattle Characteristics

The Glan cows are a breed of cows that are raised for purposes and for meat and milk production. It’s a cattle breed found from Germany’s area. The strain originated in the Brown Swiss from the 18th century.

Glan cows are moderate to large creatures with a coat color that is yellow. Both cows and bulls normally have horns. The height of this Glan bulls is 135 to 140 cm for those cows, along with approximately 140 to 145 cm.

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The typical body weight of these bulls ranges from 1000. Along with the cows on weighs between 750 and 600 kg.

Glan cows Advantages

The Glan cows are creatures that are multipurpose. They’re employed primarily for milk, and for meat production. The strain is also great for purposes.

Glan cows are creatures that are powerful and are kept in systems. The strain is a creature that is aging but is acceptable for maintaining within a broad system that is fattening.

The cows are famous for their milk production, along with the cows generally create about 4,446 liters of milk per lactation.

Their milk is of quite excellent quality comprising approximately 4.07% of butterfat articles and approximately 3.53 percentage of protein. The strain is quite great for beef production. The strain is also great for purposes.

Glan Cow History

The modern kind of this Glan cows breed has been created by Duke Christian IV, Count palatine of Zweibrücken via a review decree of 12 September 1773 that required that the improvement of their regional little red strain by utilizing Simmental and Berne Mountain bulls. The import of these cattle had already started by 1762, which was the start of the Glan cows breeding.

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They started crossing with Gelbvieh from the 1920s and they shifted the breeding goal into the operation. They’ve been reversed with Red cows because of 1950, which triggered the reduction of milk functionality or of a beef operation.

This was the start of the conclusion of Glan cows that are purebred. The strain was left in 1967, along with the Rhenish Glan Cattle Breeders’ Association closed in 1972. And an institution of this Glan Cattle for Promotion and its Conservation was set in 1985 or 1984. There are institutions that strain cows that are Glan together using the focus on the beef operation.

Glan Cattle Breed Information

Breed NameGlan
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeMilk, meat, and draught
Special NotesVery hardy, active, well adapted to native climates, good milkers, grow relatively slower, good for meat, good as a draught animal
Breed SizeMedium to large
1000-1200 kg
Cows600-750 kg
Climate ToleranceNative climates
Coat ColorGenerally yellowish
Milk YieldGood
Country/Place of OriginGermany