Hereford Pig

The Hereford pig is a strain of domestic pig from the united states of America. It’s also known as Hereford Hog, and it was called for its color and pattern.

The pattern of the breed is comparable red with a white face. The breed was created by a synthesis of Poland China, Duroc and possibly some Chester White or Hampshire pig.

Hereford Pig Characteristics

The Hereford pigs are moderate to large creatures with red-brown and white coloration that looks like the Hereford cows. They have body conformation along with significant pig breeds.

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The Hereford pig is a very energetic and hardy animal. It is ideal for the extensive and intensive pig farming system, and the breed does well in a vast array of climates. The Hereford pigs have a docile temperament.

Their encounter is of white color and is of moderate length that is dished that are slight. They have medium-sized shedding ears.

The older Hereford sows on typical weight around 270 kg. And live body weight of this boars is about 360 kg.

Character, friendly behavior and their nature are great for the pig farmers that are brand new and for the people. They grow somewhat faster and reach maturity.

They reach about 90-110 kg. Large litters are produced by the sows and they are excellent mothers. The breed is very great for producing meat that is lean.

It was first developed from 1920 to 1925, and it’s currently a breed of pig. The breed has been selected for both of it is exceptional red-brown and white coloration and functionality.

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Plus it has always been the most popular breed in Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana, especially in the Midwestern parts of the USA.

The official Hereford recorder has been started by 1934. The Hereford pig grew into the 20th century in numbers. But their population diminished by the 1960s because of the prevalence of the highly effective pig breeds that were used for commercial pork production.

Today the breed is recorded in the ‘watchlist’. And there are about pigs stay. Read more details about the strain under.

Hereford Pig Breed Information

Breed NameHereford
Other NameHereford Hog
Special NotesActive, hardy, beautiful, well suited for both intensive and extensive system, do well in a wide variety of climates, docile temperament, quiet, good for young people, grow relatively faster and reach maturity faster, sows produce large litters, sows are excellent mothers, good for lean meat
Breed SizeMedium to large
Around 360 kg
SowsAround 270 kg
Climate ToleranceAll climates
ColorRed-brown and white
Country/Place of OriginUnited States