Jakharana Goat Characteristics

The Jakharana goat (also spelled out Jakrana or even Jakhrana) is a milk goat breed that’s largely raised for milk production. It’s a significant dairy goat strain of this Rajasthan, India’s track.

The strain was named after the name of this village which is the area of those goats. Even the Jakharana goat is dispersed within a restricted region and the population size is modest.

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These temples in their pristine form are focused in the surrounding region of Behror tehsil of the Alwar district of Jakhrana village.

In fact, the habitat of the breed is a little hamlet at the Aravali mountain ranges. Now, this goat strain is utilized for milk production. However, the Jakharana goat is great for beef production, and their skins are so very popular with all the industry. Read more information about this goat strain under.

Jakharana Goat

Jakharana goat is a moderate to a big sized creature with a compact physique. The Jakharana goats are somewhat more, although It’s fairly like this goat in look. Their coat color is black with white spots over the ears and muzzle.

Their encounter is with the forehead. They have glistening and brief hair. Both will not and bucks generally have horns.

Their horns are short-headed backward and upward. Even the Jakharana goats have falling and leafy ears. Along with their ears are moderate in length.

Udder of this Jakharana does is developed with teats that are conical and big in size. Body elevation of the dollar is 84 cm, also 77 cm to the does. The dollars on weight about 55 kg. And the body weight of this will is about 45 kg.

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The Jakharana goat is really a milk goat breed. It’s a significant dairy goat strain of tract from India’s Rajasthan State.

Jakharana Goat Advantages

Jakharana goats are all amazing animals. They are used for milk production.

The average milk production of this Jakharana goat varies by 2-3 kg for a period of about 180-200 days.

Kidding is only in most scenarios, although twins are common in 40 percentage instances (triplets aren’t uncommon).

Jakharana Goat Breed Information

Breed NameJakharana
Other NamesJakrana or Jakhrana
Breed PurposeMilk
Breed SizeMedium to Large
About 55 kg
DoeAbout 45 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorBlack
Good for Stall FedNot Sure
Country/Place of OriginIndia