Kangayam Cattle Characteristics

The Kangayam cows are a native breed of India. The strain derives its name in the Kangeyam city. It is increased as an animal but also great for milk production. The strain conforms to the Southern Indian Mysore kind.

And it’s believed that there’s proof of those Ongole cows in their composition’s blood. Maybe this mix has contributed their size in contrast to the Kangayam cows. A few other titles in their region, for example, Kangeyam Kanganad and Kongu also know them.

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They are accessible and filmed in India at the southern district of Madras country. In the event of dimensions, the Kangayam cows are of two kinds, one is modest and yet another is big.

The variety is located in the fields of both Dindigul, Karur and Aravakurchi subdivisions. While the number is located at the Kangayam, Dharampuram Erode, Pollachi, Paddadam along with Udmalpet subdivisions.

Both massive and small varieties of those Kangayam cows have bodies with stout legs and hooves that are powerful. The number has horns that are right with a small curve. Even though the variety has backward and upward.

Their head is of medium size with the forehead. They have pointed, erect and little ears and their eyes are outstanding and dark. Their spine is wide, short and flat and also the throat is thick and short.

These Kangayam cattle’s quarters are drooping, along with also the dewlap is lean and extends up to the sternum. Their sheath is tucked up to your own entire body, along with also the hump from bulls is developed. Their skin is dark inside fine and pigment and that the hair is nice and very short.

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They’ve tail of medium length using a button reaching below the hocks. The main coloration of these Kangayam cows is white or gray. The cows are over the fetlocks on all four legs of grey with markings onto the knees, and color and also only. Though the bulls are of dark or grey using dark coloring around hump, neck, the head along with quarters.

Kangayam Cattle Advantages

The Kangayam cows are utilized as a draught cattle breed. The cows are fairly great their milk and milk manufacturers are also of fantastic quality.

Cows are creatures that are strong and extremely active. They are highly appreciated as draft animals in South India. The bullocks have the capacity for function and are extremely potent. Along with the bullocks are used for functions like load and for different kinds of functions. The cows aren’t one of the milk producers.

They create an average of 540 kg of milk per lactation. Their milk is obviously quite superior quality and extremely nutritious, containing approximately 3.9% fat content without a terrible fat. The number of strain is decreasing, large breeds. Although, person conservative attempts are bearing some decent outcomes.

Kangayam Cattle Breed Information

Breed NameKangayam
Other NameKanganad, Kangeyam and Kongu
Breed PurposeMainly draught, also milk
Special NotesActive, very hardy, good for draught
Breed SizeSmall to medium
Climate ToleranceNative climates
Coat ColorGrey or white with black markings
Milk YieldPoor
Country/Place of OriginIndia