Lacombe Pig

The Lacombe pig is a seriously endangered breed of pig that is native to Canada. It had been the first breed of livestock manufactured in the country. The breed was really named for the Lacombe Research Center in Lacombe, Alberta.

Through crosses of Berkshire sows to boars of Landrace and Chester White ancestry, the maturation of the breed started in 1947. Of that crosses, the main goal was to produce a pig that would be appropriate for crossing with the Yorkshire which at that point was the pig strain in Canada.

Lacombe Pig Characteristics

The Lacombe pig is a medium-sized animal primarily with white color. It’s a long-bodied animal with drooping ears. It contains legs that are short and is fairly meaty in conformation.

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Lacombe pig

The average bodyweight of this fully grown sows is about 222 kg. And also the boars are pretty heavier comp ared to sows. The completely grown Lacombe boars around 272 kg on typical weight.

The Lacombe pig breed is well-known for its docile temperament, and the critters are of very good behavior. The breed selected and is especially noted for its rapid growth. The sows grow relatively faster. The Lacombe pigs have quite a good feed conversion ratio. And they have quite a superior carcass.

The Lacombe pig immediately grew for a popular breed in Canada after it was eventually introduced to pork producers in 1957.

The breed was estimated to carry 23 percent Berkshire, Chester White, and 56 percent Landrace blood to 21 percent when released. It’s the ranking pig breed in Canada.

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There were only 1,743 registered creatures in 1981. One of these 1743 creatures 1095 were sows and 648 were boars. Now the Lacombe pig is considered as ‘critically endangered’ by Rare Breeds Canada, and also the stock is held by a few corporations.

Lacombe Pig Breed Information

Breed NameLacombe
Other NameNone
Special NotesWell known for docile temperament, very good behavior, fast growth, god feed conversion ratio, good carcass quality, and physical soundness
Breed SizeMedium
Around 272 kg
SowsAround 222 kg
Climate ToleranceNative climates
RarityCritically endangered
Country/Place of OriginCanada