Limousin Cattle Characteristics

The Limousin cows is a strain of domestic cows originating in the Limousin and Marche regions of France.

It’s a beef cow and is referred to in France as Limousine. The Limousin cows breed were exported in France in the 1960s in amounts. Along with the strain is present globally.

The Limousin cows are obviously horned, but global breeders have bred polled (don’t possess horns) creatures.

Limousin Cattle Characteristics

Limousin cows are big sized creatures. The majority of these creatures have a coloration that changes from wheat that is mild to golden-red that is darker.

The coloration is small lighter on the stomach, the trunk of their thighs, involving the thighs, around the testicles, on the anus, and at the tail point.

Coloration continues to be grown black throughout grading upward from different forms of cows and cross-breeding.

Limousin cows are obviously horned, however, their horns are eliminated through cross-breeding. They have a wide forehead and brief and muzzle thoughts. They have space. And also have nice horns that are curved ahead and slightly raised in the suggestion (if existing ). Their chest has and is wide and curved.

The bulls weigh approximately 1000 bodyweight and cows approximately 650 to 700 kg.

Limousin Cattle Advantages

Originally the Limousin cows strain had been used as draft animals. But now they’re primarily utilized producing animals.

Limousin cows are hardy and energetic creatures. They’re remarkably popular around the world for a lot of factors. They’re popular mainly due to their lower birth weights, greater than average dressing percent and yield, higher feed conversion efficiency and because of their capacity to generate lean tender beef.

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The Limousin cows were mainly employed as draft animals originally. But they’re increased as a supply of top excellent meat.

And curiosity in Limousins as a supply of top excellent meat climbed. Back in 1886, the initial Limousin herd book was first set in France for making sure that the breed’s innocence and also for advancement by recording and breeding creatures that fulfilled a rigorously enforced breed normal.

The Limousin cows are a breed that is really old. And it’s used for crossbreeding with different cattle breeds due to their capacity to enhance the return and feed conversion efficiency, also to donate vigor.

Limousin Cattle Breed Information

Breed NameLimousin
Other NamesAlso known as Limousine in France
Breed PurposeProduction of lean beef and crossbreeding
Special NotesHardy
Breed SizeHeavy
About 1000-1100 kg
CowsAbout 650-700 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorLight wheat to darker golden-red. Black also bred.
HornedYes (polled also bred)
Milk YieldPoor
Country of OriginFrance