Lionhead Rabbit Characteristics

The Lionhead bunny is a breed of rabbit that is national. It’s a few of those rabbit strains and lovely. The Lionhead bunny originated in Belgium.

The strain was created by obeying a mutation which leads to the development of a lengthier ‘mane’ around the face area of hair.

Mutations are regular in character. And lots of strains are created by a mutation that’s repaired via a breeding program.

Lionhead Rabbit Characteristics

The Lionhead rabbit is a small strain of elaborate rabbit. It’s a streamlined and small body using framework. Their mind is daring, although not around from all areas.

These Lionhead rabbits’ bottoms are moderate in length and they can be of moderate bone. Their mane would be to be. Along with the mane would be to create a circle extending into a ‘V’ shape. Their neck isn’t observable.

Their hindquarters are well curved, deep and broad. Their ears should not exceed and are balanced with the body and the head.

They’ve vertical ears that are coated, of substance although not supplied as an Angora.

The Lionhead bunny has bold and vivid eyes. White coated Lionhead rabbits have blue or red eyes and the eyes of some other color are according to a colour standard.

There are lots of color forms of the rabbit strain. America recognizes these colors; Blue, White, Black Otter, Tortoise, Blue, Tan, Blue Otter, Sable Martin, Chestnut, Squirrel, Chinchilla, Sable Point, Chocolate, Smoke Pearl, Fawn, Siamese Sable, Frosted Pearl, Red, Golden, Orange, Lilac, and Opal.

Along with the colors recognized in the Uk include all; Agouti, Tortoiseshell, Black, Tan, Blue, Steel, Butterfly, Smoke Pearl Marten, Chestnut, Squirrel, Chinchilla, Silver Martin, Chocolate, Siamese Smoke Pearl, Fawn, Siamese Sable, Fox, Sable Point, Lilac, Sable Marten, Lynx, Otter, Orange, Opal, White (reddish or blue ).

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The normal body weight of this Lionhead bunny is between 1.1 and 1.6 kg.

Lionhead Rabbit Advantages

Lionhead rabbit is a little strain and not acceptable for fur or meat production. The strain was made as a series breed. But the strain has come to be a pet bunny that is national.

The Lionhead bunny is a comparatively new strain and in the evolution procedure.

So their behavior and temperaments may alter between breeders based on the parent strains used to create each line. But generally, the Lionhead bunny has quite a good, lively nature and is quite friendly.

The majority of the Lionheads are both more playful, gentle and sociable. They are rather timid when compared to a number of the other tiny breeds of bunny like the Netherland dwarf bunny.

Despite having temperament, the Lionhead bunny isn’t advocated as a pet for the kids. Since they need careful direction and they could become fearful and competitive if managed incorrectly.

When cared for properly, the normal lifespan of this Lionhead rabbit is roughly 7 to 9 years.

Lionhead Rabbit History

The very first mutation is that the ‘Lionhead receptor’ in 1932 in rodents because of the Satin. And it’s notable, unlike flea gene mutations.

This implies a Lionhead rabbit crossed with any other bunny will pass into an offspring that can generate Lionheads the’ mane’ gene.

The very first Lionhead rabbit was made in Belgium by spanning two separate dwarf-sized strains. Even though the disagreement between both strains was employed, it has left many scratching their heads.

Some sources state that the Lionhead bunny is a consequence of crossing Swiss Fox with Dwarf rabbits for producing a dwarf bunny that is coated, together with the progeny bred using the Dwarf Angora bunny.

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Sources state the mutation happened together with all the Lionhead gene, in a mess of Dwarf Angoras.

Some sources state the Lionhead rabbit was bred by also a Jersey Wooly rabbit plus a Netherland Dwarf.

The strain Isn’t accepted by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, however, understood from the British Rabbit Council.

In the United Kingdom, the British Rabbit Council recognizes that the Lionhead rabbit as 2002. But in the USA the American Rabbit Breeders Association demonstration procedure has been passed by the strain.

And also was approved as an ARBA recognized breed from the types of Tortoise (Black, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac) and also Ruby Eyed White. The strain is currently gaining popularity by the day.

Lionhead Rabbit Breed Information

Breed NameLionhead
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeKept as pets and show animal
Breed SizeSmall
WeightAbout 1.1 to 1.6 kg
Suitable for Commercial ProductionNo
Good as PetsYes
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Color VarietiesVaries by country. All colors found in other breeds are recognized in the United Kingdom. And the American Rabbit Breeders Association recognizes the Lionhead rabbit in Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, and Ruby Eyed White color.
Country of OriginBelgium