Lobster Farming: Guide For Starting the Business For Beginners

Industrial lobster farming (additionally it is known as Large River Prawn) is changing into highly regarded day-to-day and it’s an overly successful trade. Amongst the entire highly-priced marine crustacean, lobsters are greater in measurement. A mature lobster weights between 250 to 400 grams.

Lobster farming with carp or different fish species may be very successful and simple. If you want to get started lobster farming trade, then you’ll be able to domesticate most effective lobsters in a pond or with different fish species like Rui, Katla, Mrigal and so forth.

Industrial manufacturing of lobster is quite common and well-liked within the South Asian nations.

Large River Prawn is in fact referred to as lobster or Golda Chingri in some portions of India, Bangladesh and a few different South Asian nations.

This can be a very tasty and massive in measurement. The larvae are produced within the hatcheries. It has massive marketplace call for and worth.

Benefits of Lobster/Large River Prawn Farming

There are some benefits of lobster or Large River Prawn farming trade. Right here we’re in a while describing concerning the best benefits of lobster farming trade.

  • Beginning lobster farming trade is so easy. Even the rookies too can get started this trade.
  • You’ll simply get started this trade on your current pond.
  • Large River Prawn or lobsters most often develop sooner. So it is possible for you to to make just right earnings inside of brief time period.
  • You’ll inventory different fish species with lobsters/Large River Prawns.
  • This can be a freshwater fish species, so you’ll be able to inventory freshwater carp fishes with lobsters.
  • You’ll make poultry house above the pond and lift chickens or geese. The fish within the pond will eat the droppings of poultry birds.
  • Industrial lobster manufacturing is usually a just right trade for the unemployed other folks.
  • It may be an ideal employment supply for the trained younger other folks.
  • Building prices of pond is prime, however it is possible for you to to make use of it for a number of years as soon as you are making it.
  • Go back of funding is excellent on this trade.
  • As of late there are lots of hatcheries to be had in lots of puts. So, you are going to almost certainly be capable of acquire larvae simply.
  • Each call for and worth of lobster in home and world marketplace may be very prime.
  • Advertising and marketing lobsters is so easy. It is possible for you to to simply promote your merchandise within the native marketplace.
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Easy methods to Get started Lobster Farming Industry

Beginning this trade is so easy and easy. Right here we’re seeking to describe the stairs for staring lobster farming trade.

Pond Variety

The pond management for lobster farming must finished neatly. The pond, the place the lobster might be cultivated wishes extra oxygen than standard. Decided on pond will have to have to appropriate sufficient for converting ceaselessly.

So, it’ll be higher if you choose the pond close to a river or canal. Doing this will likely be sure consistent water provide. If any supply of herbal water like river or canal isn’t to be had, then you must setup a tube neatly for steady water provide.

Sandy soil is healthier for lobster farming. Make sure that enough availability of the solar mild. It might be higher if there aren’t any large bushes close to the shore of pond.

The world or measurement of the pond is also any relying for your manufacturing kind. However it might be higher, if the pond is built over no less than one acre of land. The intensity of the pond will have to be between 1 to one.5 miter.

Making ready the Pond

To start with, take away water from the pond and make it dry. It is possible for you to to take away all forms of carnival and undesirable fish species from the pond via making it dry.

Drying additionally take away destructive fuel and virus from the pond. Practice 3 grams of rotenon (destructive aquatic bugs and fish killer) in step with each and every cubic meter, if it’s not imaginable to dry the pond.

Making use of rotenon or one thing else associated with this will likely absolutely take away all kinds destructive fish species from pond. After that observe 100 kg of lime in step with acre.

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After 5 to 7 days of making use of lime within the pond, observe 500 kg cow-dung, 10 kg nitrogen, 5 kg TSP and a pair of kg of MAP in step with acres. Preserving favorable setting within the pond may be very crucial for a hit lobster farming trade.

Deciding on Lobster Species

There are a large number of lobster species to be had. Amongst the ones species farming adik-adik, bamboo and tiger lobsters are very successful. As a result of those species develop sooner and feature massive call for and worth within the native and world marketplace.

This 3 species are other from each and every different like their identify. The adik-adik lobsters are of reddish black in colour. Bamboo lobsters have striped legs and it’s turns out like bamboos.

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Then again tiger lobsters have noticed legs. You’ll select any of those breeds relying for your location and desired manufacturing kind.

Stocking Larvae

Inventory the larvae after 5 to 7 days of making use of fertilizer within the pond (when the water transform inexperienced coloured). The selection of the larvae relies on the dimensions of your pond.

The selection of larvae additionally relies on the fertility of soil, availability of supplementary feed and correct control. On the whole control 10,000 items of larvae may also be stocked in step with acre.

If you’ll be able to be sure consistent water provide and supplementary feed control, then you’ll be able to inventory extra larvae. Lobster larvae don’t develop neatly in a prime stocking density.

They’ll combat with each and every different in the event that they face supplementary feed missing. Be extra cautious all the way through worrying the larvae from the hatchery.

Excellent and top of the range lobster larvae build up the chances of extra make the most of lobster farming trade. So at all times attempt to acquire the larvae shape just right and respected hatcheries.

Supplementary Feed

You’ll understand the manufacturing of destructive fuel within the pond, after making use of fertilizers. So take away the fuel first to get correct expansion of lobster larvae.

You’ll be sure sufficient herbal meals to your lobster larvae via making use of fertilizer within the pond. However this herbal feed isn’t enough.

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So you must supply supplementary feed within the pond. If truth be told correct expansion and benefit in lobster farming trade relies on offering good enough and high quality supplementary feed.

Understand the chert beneath to have an concept concerning the components of one kg supplementary lobster feed.

Wheat Chaff

600 g

Mustard Cake

150 g

Kipper Powder

250 g

Snail Powder

95 g


3 g


2 g


1000 g/1 kg

Making use of Way

Supply 4 % of supplementary feed day by day consistent with the frame weights of the lobsters. Feed them two times an afternoon. As soon as within the morning and leisure within the night time. Quantity of offering supplementary feed in step with 1000 lobster consistent with their age are indexed at the following chert.



First Month

15 g

2nd Month

75 g

3rd Month

150 g

Fourth Month

400 g

5th Month

1 kg

6th Month

2 kg

7th Month

2.5 kg to three.0 kg


The use of fertilizer within the pond may be very important for lobster farming trade. Making use of fertilizer within the pond is helping to extend the herbal meals manufacturing for the lobsters. Lobsters alternate their shell at other phases in their existence.

They transform very ill after they alternate their shell. So you must take further care all the way through this time. You’ll stay some tree branches or bamboo within the pond all the way through this time. It’ll supply them refuge and assist to stop mutual assault.

Amassing Lobster

Usually lobster achieve advertising and marketing weight, after they achieve 6 to 7 months of age. You’ll get started accumulating lobsters, after they achieve greater than 100 grams weight.

You’ll accumulate lobsters from the pond via the use of quite a lot of forms of web. Stay the lobsters in dry position or retailer the use of ice.


In the event you apply the entire steps described above, then it is possible for you to to provide 800 to 1000 kg lobsters from a pond of one acre. And it’ll for sure be sure most make the most of your lobster farming business.

Advertising and marketing

Advertising and marketing lobster is so easy. You’ll almost certainly be capable of promote your merchandise simply within the native marketplace.

Those are the average steps and techniques for beginning and working a a hit lobster farming trade. Hope this information has helped you! Excellent success!