Lowline Cattle Characteristics

The Lowline cattle are modest-sized multipurpose breed of cows. They are smaller in size compared to different cattle breeds, and they’re generally polled.

The Lowline cattle breed was designed by Aberdeen Angus cattle that were black, by the sailors. The strain was created as part of a research project for exploring the consequences of choice initiated.

Lowline Cattle Characteristics

The Lowline cattle are modest-sized creatures.

They seem to function but aren’t dwarfs. They’re smaller in size with no particular dwarfing gene. The Lowline cattle were selected for all those traits.

They are black in color and are polled.

The cows weigh approximately 320 kg. And bulls are approximately 400 kg.

Lowline Cattle Advantages

Lowline cows are multipurpose animals.

They’re used for meat production. They’re also famous for increasing as pets.

The Lowline cattle are naturally docile and so are of quite superior behavior. They are managed and also have the temperament.

The strain is currently remarkably well known in the USA and used as pets and suitable for revealing by kids. And their prevalence is growing throughout the USA.

Lowline Cattle Origin

85 cows with reduced expansion rates were chosen originally from the Trangie Angus herd for setting the first’Lowline’ herd.

All these 85 cows were united into bulls. And these bulls were chosen for expansion rate from birth to age. A line or Controline along with A growth speed line or Highline were created in precisely exactly the exact identical moment.

This experimental method has been selected to create a divergence in growth speed, at the shortest possible time, through traditional within-herd choice.

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In 1929 the first inventory was erased from Canada, together with using a few Scottish and USA creatures added in succeeding decades.

Once the experiment ended in 1992, the Lowline cattle herd had been offered to breeders.

The Australian Lowline Cattle Association was shaped by those breeders.

The strain is bred in nations like Canada, Australia, United States, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and China.

Lowline Cattle Breed Information

Breed NameLowline
Other NamesNone
Breed PurposeMeat, show, pets
Special NotesActive, Docile
Breed SizeSmall
About 400 kg
CowsAbout 320 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorBlack
Milk YieldLow
Country/Place of OriginAustralia