Luing Cattle Characteristics

The Luing cows are a breed of beef cows that are raised mainly for meat production. The strain was developed from the Cadzow brothers (Ralph, Denis, and Shane) around the island of Luing at the Inner Hebrides of Scotland in 1947.

Luing Cattle Characteristics

Luing cows are a medium-large sized creature. They are normally dun or red-brown loss. The elevation of the bulls is 130 cm for cows, and roughly 140 cm.

The cow’s weight approximately 500 kg. And body fat of the bulls is roughly 950 kg.

Luing Cattle Advantages

The aim was to generate a fantastic beef cow together using the capacity to boost a crab under unfavorable weather conditions. Now the Luing cows are raised for beef production.

Luing cows are reasonably sized and exceptionally hardy creatures.

Creatures are long-lived. Along with the cows may give birth. The strain is highly known for hardiness and ease of handling.

Now, Even the Luing cattle breed is still farmed. They are seen in Scotland, but also in different fields of the earth.

Luing Cattle Origin

By crossing the Beef Shorthorn using all the Highland, the strain originated.

The Cadzow brothers were the new breed of cows produced in Britain, also crossbred just 2 kinds of cows to make the Luing; the Highland since the heifer and the Beef Shorthorn since the bull ago The Shorthorn was picked because of the taste of meat and it is fleshing qualities since it leads the hardiness that we could see in the strain along with the Highland was selected.

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The 3 sons established that the Luing cattle breed which we have via a plan.

The Luing cattle breed was formally acknowledged by the British authorities in 1965.

The Cadzow relatives continue to elevate the Luing cattle along with the strain remains popular about the isles, such as Scarba and Torsa.

The strain is highly known because of its hardiness and ease of handling. And it’s been exported to a lot of countries throughout the globe such as Canada and New Zealand.

The Luing cows were called after the island of Luing.

Luing Cattle Breed Information

Breed NameLuing
Other NamesNone
Breed PurposeMeat
Special NotesActive, Hardy
Breed SizeHeavy
About 950 kg
CowsAbout 500 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorRed, Dun
Milk YieldLow
Country/Place of OriginScotland