Madura Cattle Characteristics

The Madura cows are native in Madura Island of Indonesia. They utilized and are raised for milk beef, draught, racing and beauty competition in Indonesia.

They are ordinarily known as a cross between Bos javanicus and Bos indicus (zebu), dependent on phenotypic look.

Madura Cattle Characteristics

The Madura cows are modest sized creature. They are primarily brown in coloration around the back and forth with patterning. The two bulls and cows have horns, and their horns are all curved and upwards of sized.

As a little strain, average body weight of these cows is approximately 250 pounds. And typical body fat of the bulls is approximately 300 pounds. Photo from informati on and PetMapz from Wikipedia.

Madura Cattle Advantages

The Madura cows are multipurpose critters and used for several functions. They’re used for draught, meat, milk and rushing.

The Madura cows are powerful and hardy creatures. They are known for its bull racing. In bull racing two bulls are yoked together, pulling on a sled where the driver tries to balance within a course.

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Madura Cattle Facts

The Madura cows originated around the Madura Island near northeastern Java, in which the initial cows population was Banteng (that is extremely much like the Bali cows ).

A zebu cows breed in Sri Lanka called Sinhala cows were introduced over 1500 decades back. Along with a cross involving the Sinhala cattle as well as the Banteng resulted creatures that were better than of the cattle breeds.

Some sources state the Zebu part was that the Ongole cows breed in India. The strain may be known as the dance cows.

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The FAO estimated population of this Madura cows in. And attempts have been made to preserve the strain.

Madura Cattle Breed Information

Breed NameMadura
Other NameDancing cattle
Breed PurposeMilk, meat, draught, race
Special NotesStrong and powerful
Breed SizeSmall
300 kg
Cows250 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorReddish-brown
Milk YieldAverage
Country/Place of OriginIndonesia