Mangalica Pig

The Mangalica pig is a strain of domestic pig from Hungary. It is also spelled Mangalitsa in the Uk or Mangalitza in the United States.

It was created in the mid-nineteenth century. The breed was developed by crossbreeding Hungarian breeds with wild boar and the Serbian Šumadija breed from Szalonta and Bakony.

The Breed is also known as Bruce and farmers in the 1830s originally reared it.

Mangalica Pig Characteristics

Mangalica pig is small to the moderate-sized breed of pig. There are three breeds of the Mangalica pig which are Red, Swallow-belied, and Blonde.

All these breeds are different in color, but all of them have exactly the same behavior, ” The Swallow-bellied breed is originally created by crossing the Blonde Mangalica with the extinct Black Mangalica. By crossing the Blonde Mangalica using the Szalonta 15, Along with the breed was created.

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The Blonde Mangalica is blond in coloration, Swallow-bellied has feet using a body that is black and a blonde belly, and the reddish breed is ginger.

The typical bodyweight of the mature Mangalica boars varies from 68 to 77 kg. And the average body weight of the sows is between 64 and 73 kg.

The Mangalica pig breed is Acceptable for raising semi-intensively or intensively. Too little lean beef is produced by it.

As a result, the breed has slowly replaced by the domestic pig breeds. The animals are fed with a mixture of pasture, supplemented with pumpkins and potatoes. The most important product is sausage packed from the pig’s duodenum.

The Mangalica pig is retained free-range in the United Kingdom and usually fed on standard sow and weanling feeds. The creatures reach slaughtering weight.

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The National Society of Fat-Type Hog Breeders was created in 1927 with the objective of improving the breed. And the Mangalica pig has been the most prominent pig breed in the area. There were approximately 30,000 heads in Hungary in 1943.

Since that time popularity of this breed has been diminishing, in addition to the inhabitants. Keeping some Mangalicas is becoming a popular pastime. Nowadays slightly over 7,000 sows are generating around 60,000 piglets each year.

The breed was imported from Austria into the United Kingdom in March 2006. It’s registered with the British Pig Association and the pedigrees are being maintained on the British Pig Association Mangalitza herdbook. Read some information about the breed under.

Mangalica Pig Breed Information

Breed NameMangalica
Other NameBruce, Mangalitsa and Mangalitza
Special NotesSuitable for raising both semi-intensively or intensively, produce too little lean meat, good for raising in free range system, reach slaughtering age within 12 months
Breed SizeSmall to medium
68-77 kg
Sows64-73 kg
Climate ToleranceNative climates
ColorThe Blonde Mangalica is blonde in coloration, Swallow-bellied has a blonde belly and feet with a black body, and the red breed is ginger
Country/Place of OriginHungary