Meishan Pig

The Meishan pig is a strain of pig out of China. It was named after Meishan’s prefecture and it’s a sub-group of this Taihu pig. It is indigenous to Southern China and is known for its big litters of all 15-16 piglets.

It had been imported to the United States from the late 1980s because of its fecundity. Along with the USDA, Agricultural Research Service imported to the USA the strain.

But in farms, the strain hasn’t seen much use on account of the abundance of slower and also fat expansion rate. But due to sows and boars’ adulthood, the Meishan pig is among the pig strains on earth.

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The strain is increased around the planet in China, the United States, and a few other nations. Read more info about the strain.

Meishan Pig Characteristics

The Meishan pig is a breed of pig. It contains drooping ears and is black in color. Nonetheless, it’s famous because of skin and it’s the wrinkled face.

The older Meishan pigs height approximately 57.8 cm. And typical live body weight of the older animal is approximately 61.6 kg.

The Meishan pig is a breed that is prolific. It’s a great taste, although it is growing fat and creature. The critters are believed to be immune to some diseases and hardy. They have the ability to consume considerable quantities of roughage.

The Meishan pig is fed and handled, being fed water crops and farm by-products, in addition to concentrates. It’s a backfat depth of 2.5 cm and a dressing percent of 66.8 percent.

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The strain is most likely among the very prolific strains of the pig on the planet and attains puberty at 2.5 to 3 weeks old.

It attains it is clutter also heeled survival rates are of the dimension of 15-16 piglets. It’s also common to create two kids each year.

Meishan Pig Breed Information

Breed NameMeishan
Other NameNone
Special NotesHighly prolific, sows can produce 15-16 piglets per litter, slow-growing, early maturing, fat, great taste, pretty hardy, considered to be resistant to some diseases, able to consume large amounts of roughage, well-fed and managed
Breed SizeSmall to medium
Around 61.6 kg
SowsAround 61.6 kg
Climate ToleranceNative climates
ColorMainly black
Country/Place of OriginChina