Mewati Cattle Characteristics

The Mewati cows are a native breed of cows in India. They are used for draft art and also for milk production, and they’re occasionally called Kosi.

Where they’re largely found the strain is called after Mewat at Haryana country. Since tens of thousands of Mewati cows breed offered from the marketplace at Kosi They’re known as Kosi.

These cows are similar in form to the Haryanvi cows strains, but show definite signs of Gir blood. Lands of this Rath and Nagori cows. And these two cows strains (Nagori and Rath) can also have led to the creation of the Mewati cows.

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Mewati Cattle Characteristics

Mewati cows are mainly of white colour with the infrequent occurrence of brownish colors.

Quarters their throat and shoulders are of a darker colour. Some critters have Gir cows coloration. The two bulls and cows have horns.

Their horns therefore are inclined to flip backward at the things and emerge in the angles of this survey. They’ve slim and long face with the brow.

Eyes of the Mewati cows are notable which a rim that is dark surrounds. The ears are pendulous although not long. The upper lip of these critters is overhanging and thick along with the muzzle is square and broad.

This offer appears to the area of the nose. The muzzle of these critters is black in color.

Legs of the Mewati cows are comparatively long and the framework of the human body provides an impressions of becoming loosely constructed.

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Their legs are around and nice with powerful hooves. The framework and their throat is powerful however, the limbs are mild.

Neck and the head display an erect carriage. The rimbs are level although their chest is heavy. They have dewlap that is amazing, along with also their dewlap is currently hanging although not loose.

Their sheath is loose but not pendulous. They’ve tail that is, along with the tuft reaching the insides. The bulls are amazing along with udders that have been developed by the cows. Information from and photograph in Dairy Knowledge.

Mewati Cattle Advantages

The Mewati cows are double purpose animals. They’re used for milk production in their locations. And they are employed for draft art.

Mewati cows are well-known for their endurance and strength. And they’re primarily utilized for carting functions and functions, and employed for drawing water.

They are docile in nature. The cows have been reportedly great milk producers.

Mewati Cattle Breed Information

Breed NameMewati
Other NameKosi
Breed PurposeMainly milk also draft
Special NotesStrong, hardy, powerful, docile
Breed SizeSmall to medium
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorMainly white
Milk YieldGood
Country/Place of OriginIndia