Milking Shorthorn Cattle Characteristics

The Milking Shorthorn cows (can also be referred to as the Dairy Shorthorn cows ) are among the oldest known breeds on the planet that originated from the Great Britain.

As its name implies, it utilized for milk production and is a dairy cows breed.

Milking Shorthorn Cattle Characteristics

The Milking Shorthorn cows are moderate sized creatures. They are red with white markings, reddish, white or coloured.

White coat colour genes at Milking Shorthorns and red are all co-dominant, leading to colour patterns and the coloration. Height of these cows is approximately 140 cm in the tailhead.

And bodyweight of these cows is somewhere between 640 and 680 kg. The bulls are heavier and bigger compared to the cows.

Milking Shorthorn Cattle Advantages

Milking Shorthorn cows are dairy cows strain and chiefly utilized for milk production. However, they are great for beef production.

The Milking Shorthorn cows breed has become easily the most flexible of all strains and this is among its best attributes.

They’re famous for their high levels of fertility, grazing simplicity and efficiency. They are famous for their durability, longevity, and ease of calving.

The Milking Shorthorn cows are calm and docile. The cows are capable of generating huge volumes of milk that is healthy.

They could create approximately 7000 liters of milk. Their milk is made of fairly good quality comprising approximately 3.3 percent protein and also approximately 3.8% butterfat.

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Milking Shorthorn Cattle Facts

The strain was created from the 18th century at Northeastern England in the Shorthorn cows. The Shorthorn cows breed originated in northern eastern England in County Durham, Northumberland and Yorkshire.

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The strain is called Dairy Shorthorn cows in the Uk, Australia, South Africa and Ireland. And since Milking Shorthorn at New Zealand, Canada and the USA. Most cattle that were popular breeds have descended from the Milking Shorthorn cows genetics.

For instance, Angeln, Australia Red and also the Swedish cattle’s Illawarra cows breed have some ancestry established in genetics. The Milking Shorthorn cows are accessible and very popular in several countries across the world, Now.

Milking Shorthorn Cattle Breed Information

Breed NameMilking Shorthorn
Other NameDairy Shorthorn
Breed PurposeMainly milk also meat
Special NotesStrong, hardy, well adapted to harsh climates, good milkers
Breed SizeMedium
Larger than the cows
Cows640-680 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorRed, red with white markings, white, or roan
Milk YieldExcellent
Country/Place of OriginGreat Britain