Murcia Granada Goat Characteristics

The Murcia Granada goat is a breed of goat originated in eastern Spain from the arid regions. It’s a strain of Alicante Almeria, Murcia and Granada.

The strain is also referred to as Murciano Granadina. Murcia Granada goat kept for milk production and is a dairy goat strain that is superior.

The strain was introduced into Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, and Brazil. And these goats also have been exported to North Africa. Now the Murcia Granada goat is retained because of the excellent milk manufacturing capacity of it.

Murcia Granada Goat Characteristics

Murcia Granada goat is a goat strain that is moderate-sized. They’ve bodies that are glossy and well-proportioned.

They are colored ivory or black colored. The dollars have more powerful and more hair, but they also does have hair that is thin and short. Bucks have generally announced beard and so are horned. This Murcia Granada goat’s ears are vertical and of moderate size.

Their tail is vertical and short, and they’ve felt that are. The does have big udders with teats that are well-placed.

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There are two kinds of Murcia Granada goats located; Veguesi and Montana. Montana range is from hill areas, and also the Veguesi range is from horizontal and irrigated land places.

Even the Veguesi goat is much bigger and is a milk manufacturer than Montana. The coloration of the two varieties is comparable.

The Murcia Granada goat is a creature. Bodyweight of this dollar is all about 50-60 kg, along with also that the does weigh approximately 30-50 kg.

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Murcia Granada Goat Advantages

The Murcia Granada goat is increased for their milk production that was exceptional. Nonetheless, it’s likewise famous for meat production. The strain may also be stored as pets mainly due to their calm nature.

The Murcia Granada goat is a breed that is really robust and durable. They’re well adapted to the arid regions of eastern Spain’s arid and warm conditions.

The Murcia Granada goats would be the most successful creature for keeping up a milk production due to their capability chiefly because of climate.

They could graze feed and terrain by-products with a transformation indicator that is good. The Murcia Granada will not be exceptional milk manufacturers having a lactation period of about 210 days. Along with also the does on average create around 500 liters of milk each year.

The milk of Murcia Granada goat is significantly much far better compared to most other milk goat strains, including 5.6 percent fat and 3.6 percentage protein.

The Murcia Granada goats replicate quickly. Plus they do not have time for breeding. The will develop into heat at any time of year.

Along with the does give birth of the children become older along with 2 children per kidding. The Murcia Granada goat is also and calms in nature superior as pets.

Murcia Granada Goat Breed Information

Breed NameRove
Other NameAlso known as Murciano Granadina
Breed PurposeMainly kept for milk production, but also good for meat production.
Breed SizeMedium
About 50 to 60 kg
DoeAbout 30 to 50 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorMurcia Granada goats are solid-colored, usually black or mahogany colored.
Good for Stall FedNot sure
Country of OriginSpain